12 Master Crystals

for the Higher Chakras


Elestial Quartz Crystal

from the E.T. Base in Norway, Headquarters of the Ashtar Command and Intergalactic Fleet on the ground on planet Earth.

Great piece to keep by the computer, by the bed side and meditate with

20 Euros + 5 Euros shipping in Europe

Elestial quartz crystals are great for many chakras with a focus on the 9th chakra. There are also the top crystals for the star people and starseeds, souls who came to incarnate on Earth from all over the local universe to help with the transition of this planet. Clear quartz crystals and smokey quartz crystals work also with the Earth Star chakra (see like Obisian Snowflake)

9th Chakra (Astral Body)--center for knowing----karmic blueprint of the individual. It stores the skills and abilities learned in all lifetimes. This chakra also holds the key to the soul's destiny. Appears like a golden. It is here the christ abilities lie dormant.

Elestial monocrystal double terminated with scepter

Elestial monocrystal double terminated with scepter from the base in Norway fit perfectly in the palm of the hand.

45 Euros + 5 Euros shipping in Europe



Works with all higher chakras with emphasis on the 8th chakra (see below like Amethyst) Perfect crystal for the star people, starseeds and indigos because it focuses on the Golden Light, which is the highest light in the universe and the color of the Plan of Ascension from Sananda.

Citrine Cluster from the base in Norway

10 Euros + 5 Euros shipping Europe

Smaller cluster : 8 Euros and 6 Euros + 5 Euros shipping in Europe

Citrine monocrystal point

Citrine monocrystal point from the base in Norway

VERY RARE ! 5 cm by 5 cm

40 Euros + 5 Euros shipping Europe


Amethyst works particularly for the 3rd Eye (Mind’s Eye) chakra and the Crown chakra and areas from the 8Th to 12th chakra.

8th Chakra - Halo Chakra (Etheric Body)

The 8th Chakra is also known as the "seat of the soul"; the center of divine love, spiritual compassion and spiritual selflessness. The 8th chakra holds your karmic residue -- those energy patterns that you have held on to for more than one lifetime that may hold you back from achieving your highest potential. When karma is involved, clearing past life trauma or patterns will help you. When these old patterns are cleared, a new spiritual awareness begins to take shape. The individual begins to awaken to the “Christ mind” or “Universal soul” and access the Akashic records--all that we have ever experienced. This chakra is the gateway to other ideas, concepts and higher dimensions. Colors that affect the 8th Chakra are black or white. The Soul Star Chakra is Moon-White in color or crystal clear. When fully open and activated it links in a spiral fashion to the other six transcendental chakras situated in a line above your head.

Very rare to find double terminated amethysts. Bi-terminated crystals from the base in Norway :

Size A : 20 Euros + 5 Euros shipping Europe

Size B : 15 Euros + 5 Euros shipping Europe

Amethyst Point Monocrystal

Amethyst Point Monocrystal from the base in Norway.

Extremely rare master crystal. 11 cm long

75 Euros + 5 Euros shipping Europe

1 smaller size available size thumb finger 10 Euros + 5 Euros shipping in Europe

Amethyst cluster

Amethyst cluster

from the base in Norway

Size A :15 Euros = 5 Euros shipping Europe

Size B :10 Euros = 5 Euros shipping Europe

Amethyst Elestial

Amethyst Elestial

from the base in Norway. Very powerful. Very rare .

With many double terminations and pyramids.

380 gr. 2 available same size.

80 Euros + 5 Euros shipping in Europe

Amethyst ball

Amethyst ball

5 x 5 cm : 70 Euros + 5 Euros shipping in Europe

Snowflake Obsidian Ball Celestial Eye

7cm diameter 570 gr : 200 Euros + 5 Euros shipping in Europe

Obsidian Snowflake Ball works with the 8th chakra (see like Amethyst). Works also with the Earth Star chakra. Contains the famous Celestial Eye. Protection spiritual evolution. Remove all entities. Align and purify all ckaras. Great healing possibilities. Can block psychic and occult attacks. Note : this crystal should be treated with the highest respect.

The Earth Star Chakra is located about 6 inches beneath your feet. This is the portal that connects you with Gaia (Mother Earth). The power and gift of the 9th Chakra is your soul life purpose. Whenever you touch Mother Earth you immediately feel renewed in your commitment to fulfilling your life purpose in this earthly incarnation.

Violet Fluorite

Master crystal 8th chakra

Violet Fluorite from the base in Norway

4 cm by 4 cm

30 Euros + 5 Euros shipping Europe

Smokey Quartz

Works with the Earth Star chakra

Smokey Quartz Monocrystal 8 cm by 8 cm with double terminated enclosure from the base in Norway

80 Euros + 5 Euros shipping Europe


from the base in Norway. Violet with black base.

Crystal to open the 8th chakra and activate the 10th strand of DNA

10 Euros + 5 shipping Europe


Master crystal of the 12th chakra. Activation of this chakra opens all communications with all high evolved beings of the universe.

Used also form the powerful protection technique of the Legions of Michael. The sword below cuts all unwanted energies and chords as the sword of Archangel Michael does.

Selenite Sword

Selenite Sword Called 'Swords of Michael'

from the 'Cave of the Words in Mexico

(search Google images with 'cave of the swords')

Two available size length of the hand,

to hold like the pommel of the 'laser light saber'

Each contains sacred geométries, totaly transparent.

35 Euros + 5 Euros shipping

Scolecite, the TOP crystal for the 11th chakra !

Scolecite, the TOP crystal for the 11th chakra 

From the sacred mountain of the Cathars (NOT Bugarach, but Tabe Mountain is)

extracted by myself in holistic manner in a very dangerous cliff

Size A, palm size, fit perfectly in palm of the hand 45 Euros + 5 Euros shipping in Europe

Size B : thumb size 30 Euros + 5 Euros shipping in Europe

Size C : finger size 20 Euros + 5 Euros shipping in Europe

Size D : little finger size or needles 10 Euros + 5 Euros shipping in Europe

11th Chakra Soul Star - center for awareness - Pathwork to the Soul, the individual's ability to acquire advanced spiritual skills (travel beyond the limits of time and space, teleportation, bi-location, instantaneous precipitation of thoughts, telekinesis in some cases.) It is here that we find our divine essence known as the soul or soul star as it is also known, and it is here we find our being – multidimensional selves - that exists beyond the realms of time and space. It is important when working with the soul star chakra crystals, that you are aware of the dynamic energy that this chakra governs. It is via this chakra that specific information is downloaded, to the chakras below.

Working on this chakra, you may develop your psychic gifts and find your spirit guides.


Crystal for protection from any negative energy. Works with Solar Plexus chakra.

Pyrite Crystals from the same sacred mountain of the Cathars

contains many pyramids

10 Euros + 5 Euros shipping in Europe

Rutile quartz ball a Masterpiece

Works with all high chakras.

Rutile quartz ball The MASTER of the Master Crystals

8 cm diameter : 480 Euros + 5 Euros shipping in Europe

How to order crystals :

With PayPal : to the account Paypal martineindigo144@orange.fr

No need to have a PayPal account to do this. Only a credit card.

Or ordering with a normal check from your country, or a Bank Check and send to : Jean Michel Surmely, 7 rue du Pountarrou

F. 11140 Artigues

The Base in Norway

This is the major base of our fleet of the Galactic Confederation of Light. It is huge and covers a area over 200 km radius. Our spaceships use to activate all the crystals in this area, many crystals are extracted in an holistic manner in this same area. A witness, close to the UFO Norge scientists group has seen a scoutship depositing on the ground a large smockey quarz cluster. A scientist part of the scientific group in Hessdalen, was often on duty on the observatory, and had so many ships flying over him that he started to have telepathic abilities activated and ultimately was contacted by Ashtar. All crystals from Norway basically hold the frequency of our Fleet. To be noted that only our fleet can stand the very high frequencies of the High North.


During one of my contacts in the Southern part of the base, I took a video of a scoutship that did stop after a telepathic contact and went backwards North towards the Hessdalen area. This film was broadcasted by TV stations in Norway and Sweden :


In the exact same area of this film, I took a picture of a spheric starship at night. One of my photos of such starships was examined by the European Space Center in Toulouse France and scientists there estimated the size of the object to 50 meters diameter. Next to the photo are computer generated images of a similar spheric ship seen in daylight in Belgium to give an idea of shape and size.

Many physical contacts have occured in Norway.

Physical contacts in Norway and Sweden happen with the same ships and space people who contacted George Adamski (read his book ‘Inside the space ships’), Howard Menger (book ‘From outer space to you) and many others. The Adamski shaped scoutships have been observed a lot in Norway and Sweden and were even filmed by the National Norwegian TV during a UFO wave in Bergen in the 90’s. Adamski type scoutship photographed in France in 2007.

Contact with Sten Lindgren, Sweden.