List of the personal collection of crystals of Jean Michel (Cmdr.lyur) on special sale

Citrine point(very rare in this size) 5 x 5 cm
This great Citrine point is a wonderful crystal for healing with a beautiful honey almost orange color. Citrine quartz has a warm solar uplifting energy. It increases creativity, independance and self-confidence. Very positive energy, also helping to manifest abundance in everything, including money, prosperity, success and all good things. Citrine is a powerfull cleaner with the power of the Sun ! Cristal point Citrine 5 x 5 cm : 44 Euros shipping including anywhere.

Rutile quartz crystal ball
A prefect transparency, this crystal ball has inside magnificent rutile angel hair called Venus Hair and rutile needles. Rutile in quartz stimulate circulation of energy and known to bring strenght, resistance and incredible force, résistance et tonicity. Size : 8 cm diameter

A similar collection piece is sold for 2950 Euros at

We ask 1800 Euros for it for Jean Michel, shipping included anywhere. Ths size and quality is exceptional. A collector piece not to miss.

Obsidian Celestial Eye 7 cm diameter
Great stone for protection and elevation. Helps for all spiritual work. This ball remove all entities while aligning and purifying all chakras. A fabulous therapeutic tool, must be used with respect. It has the power to repell psychic and occult attacks. Obsidian Celestial Eye Ball diameter 7cm weights 570 grams : 200 Euros shipping included

Amethyst Ball below 5 x 5 cm : 70 Euros shipping included

Smokey Quartz Elestial
Elestial crystals are special tools for children of light and children of the stars. They possess galactic natural engravings like pyramids and very often language of light symbols. This piece is almost black, quite rare because usually « black crystals » on sale on the market are indeed amethysts heated to produce the black color. This crystal comes from Norway, extracted in a holistic way by the best mineralist of that country, near the extraterrestrial base, an area of very high frequency. Smokey quartz point 8 cm, 400 grams : 80 Euros shipping included

Améthyst Point From Norway, dig in same area as above 10 cm 300 grams. Very rare in point this size : 75 Euros shipping included

below Violet Fluorite Octaèdre 4 x 4 cm : 30 Euros
Fluorite is a stone for clarification of energy : helps to bring clear and precise perceptions Discernement, called in the days of old « the genie stone » not surpassed for it's beneficial action on cerebral activity. Great for meditation.

Please note that all these crystals are coming from Norway where they have a very high energetic value, there the crystal areas are not messed with. They are extracted with holistic approach. Crystals from Brazil or Arkansas or other countries, that we mostly find on the market are often extracted with dynamite, bulldozers and loaded like rocks on huge trucks. This process removes all their vitality and integrity and hurt them greatly. On top of this crystals from Norway receive multi-dimensionnal energies (5th Dimension and above) of the Northen Lights, not to mention that this area and country has the biggest base of the Galactic Confederation of Light on Earth. Ships activate these crystals all the time.

To place your order : you can make a check in Euros (regular check from any country would do) to the order of Jean Michel Surmely and send your order to :

Jan De Meraye
7 rue du Pountarrou
11140 Artigues

We the support group, guarantee that Jean Michel/Cmdr.Lyur will receive the integrality of this money, much needed since he is still living with social food and second hand clothes and a very old car about to break down the road. Jean Michel/Cmdr;Lyur, speaker in the Star Knowledge Conferences and various radios in the USA, was deported by that country in June 2010, this caused by a set-up due to his activity. It was a scheduled attempt for termination like it happened to hundreds of other UFO speakers (search the long list) but the space brothers protected his life. They cannot protect material belongings though. Thank you for your support. Donations possible via PayPal to this account :