The purpose of the Ashtar Command is to :
1. Facilitate the removal of the souls that are to be evacuated to other worlds and time.
2. Participate in the awakening of the remaining population of the colony Earth.
The command ship has aboard Godly Beings from this galaxy as well as many other star systems. The beings aboard are comprised of the most honored and cherished of all of God's creatures: the Ascended Masters, the White Brotherhood (see page "Masters and Brotherhoods"), and many extraterrestrial Masters and Counselors, and Descendants of angelic hosts. (Descendants as in "coming down").

Concerning Ashtar Commanders, officers and crew members embodied on Earth, upon the completion of the "Awakening" process, direct linkages are being set up with each individual soul to facilitate any and all communications necessary for the activation of the starseed's individual plan. The flow of information and the timing of synergistic events are controlled through the starship's massive inner-network of light workers and grid sequencing codes. These are being released to the population through those that have been awakened, as well as those who are actively participating in the awakening process. (Sue Ellen Malone)


The command ships are composed of one of the largest motherships (UFO 'cigar shape') of Starfleet, named "The Dove"(100 miles long), the command ship of Sananda(Jesus), and several "admiral motherships' used as such by Ashtar, Athena and the highest ranking officers of the Intergalactic Interdimensional Fleet.

  (recent UFO "Mothership" photos)

Other command ships could be found among the fleets and squadrons send by other galaxies or star clusters, such as the fleet from Andromeda galaxy and the Acturian division, those being full operational units of the Ashtar Command.

Ashtar Commanders and ranking officers from the command ships of various divisions have used to split crews for the mission "Planet Earth". For a given command ship, half or so of the command were send as "away teams" for the duration of this lifetime, while others keep fillings the ranks aboard: Captain will remain while Number One is "descending", Number 2 remains and Number 3 goes down and so forth. A same procedure applies for crew members as well. Obviously promotions would await the away team back on board after such heroic long long time without beaming devices!

In the meantime, Ashtar Commanders (upper ranking officers) on Earth have the extra duty to re-awaken the ground crew of their Starship and to gather them prior the "re-ascension beaming" and the first large landings. (JM/Cdr.Lyur)