Artwork Color Pictures of Starfleet Command by Amassia

Amassia was our best channel in France and Europe, she was - and still is -a high rank officer very close to Ashtar.

She had the ability to "etheric travel" consciously, without being asleep, thus remembering everything. She used to spend most of her time aboard the command ships. Barely standing in a body down here, she passed on in 1984 at 42. Besides channeling, she had the opportunity to meet many high figures in Starfleet, and back on Earth, she was guided each time to color paint the best rendition as possible of each being. She would catch the spiritual essence of them, together with some specific features, symbols and uniforms.

The day she drew Ashtar, and she was not a professional painter, her hand was firmly guided and she drew the lines in one shot only, like artists in Walt Disney studios.

Her incredible artwork has not been publicly spread because at the time the energy of these pictures would be to high for people to handle.
Now is the time, and I have been specifically asked by the Command to make her artwork available. On top of this Ashtar is requesting now from the ground personnel to make the Command very widely known on Earth, by all means. So I ask you all for cooperation to do this, in all countries.
Amassia always told me that she wanted the pictures of the Command circulating widely in the USA, and I promised her to do that one-day. This is part of my new mission in North America now.
Any contact that any of you could provide for publishing, broadcast and even use these pictures as characters in movies or TV series, is most appreciated by the Command, which will provide back-up for that to happen.

Bless you all in the Light of the Radiant One.

Copyright note : not talking of 3D system here, but I have been personnally given the responsability of the pictures by Amassia herself before she transited. Some of the pictures bellow are spread over the Net without my permission, without proper information, no link, and often with spelling mistakes of names aso…

Furthermore I have the responsability to see that the pictures are used only by true Ashtar Commanders, with the proper frequency, and with texts that will fit with the soiritual frame of Amassia, who, I repeat, is a high ranking officer from Ashtar flagship.(I will say nothing about the claims of "high ranks offsprings from Ashtar" down here, whatever suns or uncle or niece, whatsoever, just feel the frequency by yourself. Again little chance that "big guns" from our Fleet are inside a 3D body at this time where the magnetic field is going down so fast). So please, all of you who have posted one or several of the pictures listed here, thank you to contact me a.s.a.p. so that we can settle things with the proper Starfleet etiquette. If new webmasters want to use one or two of these pics, again connect with me please before doing anything. Thank you. Bless you all.

For further request, or contact, email me at :

ref.1. ref.1b. Ashtar. I will give the best definition by Amassia so that everybody will understand that Ashtar is a very high spiritual being, highly regarded by all in this local universe: Ashtar is one of the Seven Rays of the Christ Word. Any public misregard about Ashtar and our Fleet should stop immediately, for we truly are the highest Christ Consciousness in action to guard this planet and this local universe. A number of physical contactees have met him aboard command ships.

ref.2. ref.2b. Mary. Known as Atia in Starfleet, she is the Head of a universal order of Cosmic Virgins. Most of Mary's appearances in the world were from her but also from many of her sisters from this order, included White Buffalo Calf Woman. She fully works with the Fleet; her coming at Fatima in 1917 was with a spaceship, the last even aknowledged by Catholic monks !

ref.3. Awaana. She is my captain and I belong to her crew. She is a 5th dimensional being from the Sun, and she is in charge of one of the finest "brand" of Starships, know as "Lightships", bringing the highest frequencies to this planet. I had contact with Awaana and the Starship "Light" (300 or more crewmembers) before meeting Amassia and finding the painting of Awaana in her home! See real pictures of the Starship at n° 42 and 43.

ref.4. Woodok. He is the Captain of the Starship "Crystal Bell", same function as Starship "Light". One of my contacts. His ship has landed many times on the volcano Etna in Sicily, and has carried their high rank officers like Ashtar and Adoniesis for physical contacts with Earthlings. Such meetings took place aboard the ship and aboard "admiral Motherships". See here a real photo taken out of a video shot of a Venusian Mothership "Adamski) type, taken in England in april 1997

ref.5. Ithacar. He is "Number One" aboard the "Crystal Bell". He is from Mars.

ref.6. Adoniesis. He is a very high ranking officer at the headquarters of Starfleet. He is a kind of "chief-coordinator for Mission Planet Earth" He is also the head of the largest physical base of Starfleet on Earth, named Eldorado and located underground on parts of Bolivia, Peru and Brazil. He also carries a high Christ energy, like Jesus. He is said to have been Akhenaton in Egypt.

ref.7. Venosia. A woman officer from Venus. Venus is not what people think. Rather than a planet, Venus is a kind of harmonic octaves chain of planets throughout all dimensions (more than 39 Venus planets) These planets and these beings are a constant reminder in the universe of the Christ Consciousness. After his "Ascension", Jesus (Sananda) boarded a Venusian ship back to this chain of planets. This very ship has been hidden in a secret chamber in the Giza plateau to be discovered at this time of end of all cycles. In order to shock the control of churches upon masses( the main roman church did cut out from their "holly" bible the teachings of Jesus about the Star Nations and his meetings with spaceships), special items have been placed in that flying saucer; pieces of the cross, clothing from Jesus and the "Urims and Tumins", these kind of crystal cellular phones used by Moses and other prophets to communicate with E.T.s. See here this kind of Venusian scouts from a photo taken by George Adamski, one of the pioneer physical contactees with our Starfleet (the very identical ships were filmed by the Norwegian TV in a UFO wave over Bergen in the 90s, so this is NOT a US wacuum cleaner !):

ref.8. Rigel. Officer from Saturn. Yeah, it's a man, ladies…Also know as angel Ankhiel or Anachiel. As you can see, we are the same breeds of divine forces on assignment around planet Earth. When on Earth, Jesus was working openly with ships and Starfleet officers. This has been suppressed in the Bible and transformed into the angel concept. Angelic forces exist also, by the way.

ref.9. Elys. Officer from Venus. 9 feet tall, one of the best representation of the 'Nordic" type of E.T.s who are Christed beings traveling in Starships. The rumor "space brothers = Nordic nazis" is a brainwashing campaign, organized by the shadow ruling. It is a stupid one, on top of it, because it does not account the energy of the heart, which is the mark of these contacts. (unless nazis have a fully open radiating heart chakra ?)

ref.44. Enoch. (second from left). He is working full and Godspeed with the Intergalactic Interdimensional Fleet from Ashtar. In biblical times, he ascended in a Lightship, like Jesus. Enoch is full member of the Galactic councils aboard the Admiral ships of Ashtar and Sananda.

ref.11. Yuminalee. Officer from Alpha Centauri, one of the cosmic virgins.

ref.12 Izhar. Venusian in charge of initiation temples on Venus planets.

ref.13. Venajoa. From Venus. One of my contacts. She is officer aboard the starship "Janus"

ref.14, ref.14b. Cassiel. High-ranking officer from Saturn. He is the Governor of Saturn as well as an 'archangel'. He is one of the seven rays of the Christ Word.

Here is a serie of Archetypal beings from following systems, star clusters…,with galactic symbols:
ref. 15. Antares
Southern Cross
Cloud of Magellan
ref.18. Scobisa, a specially happy planet in the Swan star system
Andromeda (beings from galaxy of)

Here is a serie of the "spirits" of planets. Native Americans knew from a long long time that planets, suns and even asteroïds are living entities. Believe it or not, our Starships communicate with the spirit of asteroids so that they would agree to be blown apart if there is risk of collision with planets. And our Fleet did that several times to save the Earth. But as the period of "divine grace" is over, if a "Greatfather Rock" is called upon by Mother Earth to clean herself from Earthlings dammages, the rock will be permitted to pass the "star pickets" and keep his way to the planet.
ref.20. Masar, spirit of planet Mars.
ref.21. Saras. Spirit of Planet Earth.
Planet Earth was known under that name in the universe (meaning planet of sorrows, anybody disagree ?). This will change with her ascension into the 5th dimension which she wants to do, with or without the Earthlings humans, according to their choice. The 'fighting spirit' of the locals could be seen here, that energy would be repolarized in volunteers that will be put in good use in new fleets of Battleships for future missions in other universes and alternate realities. Naturally we do not destroy any lives, it is a different system to put other battleships "out of the race".

ref.22. Mallona (Maldek). Spirit of the planet (between Mars and Jupiter),destroyed with atomic energy by the locals with some cousins of the Pleiades and various renegades. Starfleet has stated that this would never happen again, and such beings are presently removed from this universe. Their counterparts on Earth will also soon be removed, they are enjoying their very last days of control.

ref.23. Androgynous. Archetype of the state which is usually reached between the 7th and 8th dimension, by the merging of "Twin Souls".(see on the site Starleet AC, the pages about soul mates and the Star Mate Connection). Till we reach that state, we still have families, couples, and yes, babies, on other planets! By the way the wise governing administration of a planet or system, or fleet by a totally balanced couple is considered the best form of leadership in the known universe, on thousand of planets and civilizations of 5th and 6th dimension. An example is the leadership of the "chain of Venus planets" by Sanat Kumara and Lady Venus, and for our fleet the leadership is shared by Ashtar and his beloved Athena (yes the "goddess" of the Greeks. As we enter the 3d Millenium and now have more of a "spatial perspective", don't you think that the Gods and Goddesses of the Greeks looks very much like colonies of "good" and "bad" Ets ?. And do you know that the Hebrew word Elohim, first word of the Bible, who "created the sky and the Earth", that word "Elohim" is ONLY plural, meanings "the Gods and the Goddesses"?).

ref.24. Vasan. He helps for the re-opening of psychic abilities, 3e eye, etc.. of the Starfleet ground personnel.

ref.25. Starus, Ashtar and Alar, with two Star women. (Space Brothers = angels = ascended masters ? You bet !)

ref.26. Orbido, from the Jupiter Command. He is in charge of high technologies of Light. Yes we also have the small type with no hair, and these are beautiful and wonderful beings. Why you folks on the Web are only interested to promote the "less-than-light" Zeti, like the medias and most of the movie industry do ?. There is even a "good" Zeti planet in that area of several stars systems.

ref.27. Zelna, woman officer from Saturn.

ref.28. Zorb. He is the head of the galactic "M.A.S.H." units within this solar system. Located in the Jupiter Command. Our "docs" take care of everything, from physical bodies to emotional bodies, and souls readjustments, including damages caused by atomic blasts (yes, atomic explosions would damage your soul, yes! The religious/spiritual belief that only the spirit matters and the physical body could be smashed, destroyed and not cared of , is not accurate by far. All is connected, past lifes traumas bring damages to the soul which in return inprint themselves on your current body. Even a broken heart brings the need of a soul re-adjustment, and that you know very well deep inside)

ref.29. Savitri. Woman Officer from Venus.

ref.30. Keira. The oldest Starfleet base in the solar system, predating the pyramids of Egypt. You can see the tubes for "etheric travel", this is how you, Star People, go to visit these places while you sleep.

ref.31. Sananda-Orthon-Jesus. Pictured as he used to appear in the channeling contacts in Borup, Danmark, in early sixties. He gave the name of Orthon there. Sananda today looks more like a Starfleet officer in uniform, you may change your images in your minds. And remember that he said last time he has baptized Earthlings with water, but next time it will be with fire. Be prepared. Get oil in your lamps !

ref.32. Zigo-fire. The beings directing the elementals of Fire. They will clean mother Earth from man's pollution and thought-forms, commanding earthquakes, storms, volcanic eruptions, lightnings, spontaneous fires etc.. The Native American call them "Thunderbeings" or "Thunderbirds". They are in charge now, since our ships have stopped , on request from high on, to work to relieve the pressures on the Earth's crust, which they did for almost 50 years. UFOs were often seen following fault lines, and the non-spiritual UFO researchers believed they were "refueling" themselves !

ref.33. Azlanta. A huge submarine base of our fleet in the Atlantic, where they work also with dolphins and whales.

ref.34. Deimos. One of Starfleet bases on one of the artificial moons of Mars.

35. Initiation.

ref.36. Vink. Star brother from Vega.

ref.37. Musline. Woman officer from Alpha Centauri, wearing a special ceremony clothing.

ref. 38. Winka. Star kid boy from Mars.

ref.39. Ibhaku. Space commander from the Toucan star cluster.

ref.40. Ishra. Woman officer from Saturn.

ref.41. Mistris. Woman officer from the constellation of Leo.

Ref 47. Desmorah., star sister of planet Komesso (home planet of Amassia) Ref 48. Thalaro, one of the 12 Elders at the Solar trbunal on Saturn (governing this solar system)

Ref 49. Islanda, star sister from Andromeda Galaxy,

Ref 50. Athar Ismar, star sister from the Pleiades.

Ref 51. Solemine, star sister from Hydra star cluster,

Ref 52. Arianiva, star sister from Mars,

Ref 53. Glenzia, star sister from Mars.

ref.42. Starship 'Light'. Photograph by Jean Michel /Cdr.Lyur over a vortex base and point of contact in Norway. 1990. Another photo I took 10 years earlier with an infrared film and showing the very same "UFO" was studied by some scientists working at the European Space Center in Toulouse, who unofficially stated that the object was real and 150 feet diameter.

ref.43. Starship 'Light'. Photograph by Jean MIchel/Cdr.Lyur over Phoenix, Arizona, 1982, during a Starseed meeting of more than 60 crew members.

ref.44. End of Era.Mary/Atia, Enoch, Adoniesis, Ashtar, wonderful view of these beings overlooking the transition of Mother Earth into the 5th dimension. The Brothers expect about 35% of Earthlings passing. This artwork is a must for a magazine cover.Contact me.

45. Synchronizator. photo by Amassia showing the invisible interdimensional device from our fleet always located near Ashtar Commanders. It synchronizes the actions of the Command all over the planet at the same time even with commanders that do not know each other. This is how you recognize Ashtar Commanders (the real ones) because they always have the same actions, words and behavior at the same time, all over the planet, in synch.

46. The Dorway of the 11:11. Polaroid photo taken by a Spanish lady during the activation ceremony on the days of the 11:11, showing the doorway opening itself over the temple of Mikerinos Pyramid in Egypt. Jean Michel/Cdr.Lyur was leading with Virgil Armstrong the German delegation, and directed a meditation in the Great Pyramid. Both were speakers at the UFO conference in Cairo,January1992.


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