The Federation of Free Worlds


As a Starfleet officer, I would like to help you to get a clear picture of the presence of galactic and interdimensional forces around the Earth. You understand now that step by step, peace and unity was brought throughout the galaxy and adjacent galaxies. Each developed civilization reaching a spiritual consciousness and mastering space travel in a synchronized polarized way would be invited to join the Confederation. "Free Worlds" just mean worlds without central power controled by a few, without monetary economic systems, without merchants and where everything is free included the energy, and shared by all. The Galactic Confederation is sending delegates to a "Galactic Senate", very similar to the one depicted in Star Wars "The Phantom Menace".

The real Senate has the name "Galactic Tribunal" and is located around the mighty star Aldebaran (no there are no "Greys" in Aldebaran, forget it!)

Only a few have chosen not to do so, mostly because they wanted to try to keep their own pace toward evolution using mostly science over spirit, and race power over the One consciousness. You already know the reptilian race, the Dracos, who were using an artificial moon as headquarter, called 'The Death Star'.that our cruisers blew into pieces after chasing these aliens out of the galaxy = real story of the so-called Schumaker-Lévy comet from which subsequent pieces "crashed" on Jupiter, with the side effect of increased the frequency of the Earth.

Above photo from Hubble space telescope showing the 20 pieces remaining and moving towards Jupiter. Naturally our Fleet controlled the trajectories so that none would touch any planet other than Jupiter. The next photos from Hubble or observatories show the arrival and crashes.


The official medias and NASA, made the usual cover-up, as they always did, from UFO sightings from all astonauts (US and Russians), to the bigs spaceships waiting the "first" men on the Moon (revealed by Neil Armstrong and the others in private meetings in congresses), manipulation of images from the Moon, Mars, showing extraterrestrial bases and so on…

Photo Apollo 11 of a mothership by Neil Armstrong

Since everydoby believe what the magic screen says (although owned by a few planetary companies who also own everything else that bring money and power), so did you. They told you the Schumaker-Levy object was a comet, a smal rock as nucleus, surrounded by ice gases that usually melt as soon entering the atmosphere of any planet. So now we have that small nucleus rock that suddenly divides itself by magic into 20 pieces, still supposedly with ice gas around each. Next the dense and deep atmosphere of Jupiter was not able to burn at once these and melt the ice ? And then what would be left of them would reach the surface, each and every one of them making an explosion equivalent to xxx the amount of our atomic bombs ? Those people who "entertain" us think that we are ape men…To make these explosions the original object was surely enormous and very solid.

You find all of this hard to believe. OK, then watch this. 15 years ago I was visiting a person belonging to a very private network of scientists, researchers, some working for NASA. Every two weeks that person would receive an enveloppe without sender address. Inside it, documents and photos from NASA and observatories showing in detail spaceships and extraterrestrial bases all over the solar system, pictures of various moons with domes on them, plus scientific analysis by these scientists. The receiver should give "eyes only", no copies, ad to send it after 24 hours to only one other known address. That was in the US, but I have met in Europe the same kind of scientists who believe in UFOs and Ets and are making their own investigations. Some have my pictures of the starship "Light", including an infrared serie. This world wide network is called by the French scientist Jacques Vallee "The Invisible College". Want to see some of these NASA photos = see the book "We discovered alien bases on the Moon" by Fred Stecklin, who was the head of the George Adamski Foundation.


You know about the races from Zeti Reticulum, thanks to the wide promoting effort given to them on top of biological living material. And some insectoid races allied with some of the above(yes "Starship Troopers"!). Basically these have tried to stop the Mission Planet Earth and to keep humans from Earth under control. Our Fleet has removed most of them; our Starships blew the Death Star into pieces, after evacuation of their troops. And the commanders of these races have been asked to leave the local universe, since they still did not want to join the Confederation of Free Worlds.

Some other civilizations on some planets and some star systems have also chosen not to join the Federation, but to "keep their business" without being in open opposition to Starfleet. These civilizations have visited Earth and do keep some contacts here, for history records, scientific studies or whatever suit them, contacting their own people on Earth. The law "like attracts like" is in full play here. It means that if you are a hard-borne yankee merchant, chances are that you are going to attract the Ferengi, that is.

There is a general rule or universal law that states that on a given 'space territory' which does not belong specifically to any group, any fleet could only contact their own teams. This is why the "birthing procedures", stepping down into a baby on Earth has been generally used by all. Remember that Native American even say that Jesus was one of these. Although the following may be a good way to sell books,I am not an advocate of the "walk-in" procedure - making a deal with the occupant of a body to trade souls -; this does not fit with the God self and the potential of all beings everywhere to develop themselves Christ consciousness inside a body-temple.

So the walkin' technique was not used by Starfleet, and would be acceptable only as last ressort to help this humanity, if time is short to grow up a baby. Concerning our troops, in the 40s, 50s and 60s, about 2 to 3 millions came as "babies" all over the Earth, and after 1975, the number jumped to around 150 millions. These are called "Star People", see the page.


So as an example and following this cosmic law, if a guy in the mountains of Switzerland claims to be in contact with a little squadron of ships from a given planet in the Pleiades,- which eventually stole one of his "tannenbaumen"- it means that:
1. He is one of them.
2. Being in contact with E.T.s does not grant at all any "Starfleet pass" and is solely the responsibility of the given individual.
3. When the beings involved do not belong to the Confederation nor Starfleet, they have no right, neither their 'ambassador' on Earth to claim being "the E.T.s who are going to save the planet". As in that case, Starfleet has been compelled to tell the woman commanding that squadron (Semjase) to stop interfering with the plans of Starfleet, and as far as we know, she has been compliant to this request. In the meantime, there are planets in the Pleiades that belong to the Federation. The same applies to any group of contactees/extraterrestrials manning their own business without making any mention of the overall plan of
Starfleet and the Galactic Federation. A good number of individuals and groups claiming being in contact with Ets never mention the beings in charge in this quadrant, namely Sananda (Jesus), Ashtar and other commanding officers of the Intergalactic Fleet, which is, by the way, the official force sent by the Galactic Confederation.

This is just an absence of unity in the One consciousness (which is just the "mark" of Starfleet and the Confederation) and should be ignored as such, whatever claim this group may be making. Following the same rule and cosmic law, each group of beings should take responsibility only to their own breed, unless they have joined the Federation and Starfleet.


There is no right for anyone who does not acknowledge being a part of it officially, to make any comments or negative statements about the Confederation, Starfleet, and the Headquarters of Starfleet, known also under the name "The Command" or "The Ashtar Command".

Recent statements made publicly by one of the speakers of the Earthly order of Melchizedek that "all spaceships dwelling around or in the atmosphere of the Earth are luciferian in essence and nature" are irrelevant and should be corrected publically by the individual. It applies to all similar judgements made about our Fleet. And it is just uncredible that spirituals teachers claiming to be in contact with high beings from the Cosmic Hierarchy such as Melchizedek or Metatron would not be aware of the existence of the Space Command of Sananda and Ashtar which is more than fully part of the Cosmic Hierarchy…….

It has to be mentioned here that the name "Ashtar" and "Ashtar Command" has been misused or used for personal purposes by a number of individuals and groups. Therefore when you see these names, the statements may not reflect necessarily the Plan and operations of Starfleet and the Federation. How you may know? Only one advice: you should look for a vibration of the heart, which is how Starfleet operates. Only the little voice inside your own heart will tell you. The real Starfleet and the real Ashtar Command are to be recognized by a high level of service and a spirit of unity and cooperation, and also by a high level of humor, which is the mark of the crews in Starfleet. If you land on such a site that is extremely serious and too much self-gratifying, without humor and particularly boring, this is none of us. "Don't take it Sirius".

I must also say that all our personnel in Starfleet, on the ground and on board, bear their own names and have not the habit to wrap themselves with big names from commanders or 'masters' above, unless the reason is clearly explained and granted that the spirit of unity and cooperation with other commanders is fully operational. Again, you have to make your own mind in that matter.

Now about the function insight the Confederation and Starfleet, the real things are always simple. Remember only on Earth do they make things complicated. The worlds belonging to the Federation have two ways to participate:

1. Send volunteers to Starfleet academy, through which they will graduate into Starfleet officers and crewmembers, bearing the uniform of Starfleet. This personnel is then usually mixed inside a given fleet with members from many worlds, using many ships from various origins. Mixed crews (plus mix of men and women), and mixed ships. Such officers and crew members will never claim being from a given race or star, but rather will say they are from the Fleet, from the "Command". When you have been on various missions in Starfleet, such a statement is just irrelevant and has no meaning. Then you have here a little clue to distinguish the Starfleet personnel from other ET contacts. And usually our ground personnel, the "contactees", will call their counterparts and comrades, just "The Brothers".

2. The other way for a free world would be to send "civilians" as specific ambassadors, who will be respected as such in the various galactic tribunals and galactic councils aboard command Motherships. They would be merely observers and counselors to Starfleet. The best example is to be found in Star Trek: Sarek from Vulcan is not a Starfleet officer, he is the ambassador Sarek from Vulcan, and that's it.

It is hard to believe how people on Earth would complicated matters so much, included in the New Age and ET contacts avalanche of literature, often contradictory, which is even confusing more that anything else.
When in doubt, make your own quick quiz: Are you from Starfleet? Do you recognize the "Command" (Sananda, Ashtar, Athena and the ones in charge)? If you are from Sirius, Acturus or Deneb, are you then an official ambassador to the councils? Do you have a "Division" in the Ashtar Command ? Does your world/Star belong to the Federation? This quiz should be applied to ET "visitors" as well, even landed.
You should get a clear answer. You can even ask these questions straight to the speaker or webmaster. One of our Star brothers in the native American community, Sherwyn Zephier said: "There is no time anymore now to go round the bushes, it's time to talk straight, in all ways."
If you got a foggy answer like yes, but they are from the highest divine forces, the highest dimensions and they are going to save the planet and to save you if you follow level after level in their workshops, well you may as well push the gas pedal and go to the next rest area. Because nobody in the universe is going to save you,
Even from a throne on a cloud, you will save yourself, by your own choices and own free will. The "motto" of Starfleet has always been, and always will be "we are here to help you to help yourselves", in Star Trek, like in the real Starfleet.


However, it is my duty as a Starfleet officer to inform you that in some special cases, whole fleets have joined the Command and operate their units within Starfleet. It is the case with the fleet from the Andromeda galaxy, the Arcturian Division and a few other squadrons. But no mistake, they will always refer in their communications to the Ashtar Command. like "we are the Acturian division within the Ashtar Command".

To surf the web, and also as a webmaster in order to be found, we all use key words. I give you here some key words to recognize if communications are emanating from the Federation and Starfleet: Ashtar, Sananda/Jesus, Golden Light, Christ Consciousness, assisted ascension, bringing physical body into 5th dimension, Radiant One, the One or the 'One consciousness", the "Brothers", Venusians, the Federation (or Confederation) of Free Worlds, law of free will, law of non-interference, unconditional love... You should find a good mix of these key words on almost each page of channeling. And the lime taste of humor. Plus, of course, the love energy pouring between the words. Love contains automatically the Light. Love means Light. But strangely enough upon this planet people dealing with mental body and mental energies could use a lot the word Light without Love coming from the heart. This is why Light is not in the key words; low hierarchies and their associates have also misused this word here.

Finally, each being in the universe has his/her own perception of reality, and you are the only one who could take ideas or concepts that fit with your own truth, and leave the rest, in this site like everywhere in the universe.

Jedi master Qui-Gon Jinn in "The Phantom Menace" :

"Your focus determines your reality"