Galactic Names

Well, people use login names all over the Net and "esoteric" names have been used for eons on Earth. So let's use galactic stuff, I am talking here about the real space one!
I suggest that you find your galactic name to log into the free membership. And I very strongly recommend it if you are to log in the Star Mate Connection. Because you may have the chance to find very quickly one of your soul mates from the Stars just with names matching each other!

Galactic names are simple. Remember out there we make things simple. On Earth they make things complicated. The "esoteric names" for many orders on Earth, including the terrestrial order of Meclchizedek, are often fancy and pompous. The "angelic" names that some of you have maybe played with for the 11:11 activation, are so long that you start on the left of the page, and you keep writing the name all the way to the other side. But sound great when you claim it in public!

Nothing as such with our names in Starfleet:
I'm going to help you find your name if not already done. First of all NOBODY will give you your galactic name, or activate your chakras, or spin your Lightbodies for you. These are fakers! That you will do it yourself, and only yourself. I just give some clues.
You are supposed to receive yourself you galactic name. You may ask for it in meditation, with the help of your guides, who are likely, if you have logged-in on this site, to be space women and men. The answer may come straight in your head, or in automatic writing, in a "dream", whatever suits you. For the dreams, just drink a bunch of water to help you remember you will see what I mean!

Now you can also try to find out using your intuition, shutting down your rational brain and closing the window of your mental body, and you go:
Galactic names in the command are simple, as I have said. They usually go just by group of vowel sounds, linked together by consonants, like little bridges:

  1 tone : Zorb, Vink. not many.

  2 sounds or tones, the most to be found : Ashtar, Korton, Soltec, Hattonn, Woodok, Surnia, Zelna etc.


- 3 sounds: Awaana, Orbido, Ybhaku, Venajoa etc.
- 4 sounds: Adoniesis, Yuminalee. Not much common.
Over 4 sounds or tones, you become fancy, and we are not in Starfleet. Men's names: usually ends with a consonant, this is a general rule, but with exceptions as always.

Women's names: usually ends with a vowel the most found being a, e or I. Example: I got my name Lyur, just after my contact asking me to go public, and that kind of etheric operation in the back of my head. Only a few months later, I went to the U.S. to find other officers, and I met a woman in Phoenix, Lyara, doing the very same things as I did, using same words, channeling the same beings etc.. I discovered that she used also the name Lyuri. Obviously a team connection. Lyur = man. Lyuri = woman. You see what I mean that you may find your soul family just by matching galactic names?

Now, the vowel seems to be buildings bricks the consonants only bridges between them. So you got to find your vowels.
How? Use toning. There are books around. Toning is emitting "your' sound, or sounds, that will resonate harmoniously in your head. Had to be sing not much with the mouth, but deep inside the head, like humming. Got it?
Tone all vowels, pick-up one two or three that fit with your frequency. Now you have the bricks, time to find the bridges.
A good way seems to look into your family names, or first name, or the whole name. To my surprise I discovered much later one that the four letters of my galactic name were right inside my family name. And another surprise later, that one of my ancestors bearing that name in the Vosges Mountains was saved from death by a flying saucer in 1920. He paid the church for a cross with my name on top of the mountain....

So you may very well find your consonants and vowels in the name you were born with (got it, ladies?).
Now you put the little bridges between the bricks, and you fix the end accordingly if you are a man or a women. A woman may add something after the last vowel, like Desmorah, a beautiful one from planet Komesso (see her in the page "Pictures").

Now let me repeat, on 5th and 6th dimensional worlds we still have men and women, we still make love and have children. If that does not fit you I would suggest "angels" web sites. I just hope they will return my compliments, same way.

Now you have found maybe several possibilities, again tone the names now, and see what your heart and soul likes the best. Now you got it. Sleep on it overnight. On the next day if nothing new, go for it! You may have found your true galactic name, the one with which you are known and registered with on the Starfleet computers, just with the first shot. Great!

You may have also ended with a "transit' name called a 'trigger'. It is going to trigger your memories from the stars. That name fits with your frequency at the moment so don't be shy, use it fully, the full name will come later on. You can change your name anytime on my site.

Now a final word, you may want to put some title with the name,but still with the feeling coming from the heart, not the head ! You may very possibly be a crew member specialized in exploration, security, helm, computers aso… You may be also an officer, like "Com.Officer xxx", "Science Off.","Medic.Off." aso…

Now about "commander", this is a title given in Starfleet, before coming down here, there is no way to usurp such a title, such a rank. Some folks do that around on Earth. If it does not truly belong to you, you will see very soon a flying saucer in the shape of an aboriginal boomerang flying right towards your potato head. (potato heads is the slang word for self-promoted fancy pompous New Agers, and there are plenty around). On top of this a commander has a heavy responsibility on the shoulders. I know better ! This is far from fun; I am talking about the ground here. I would prefer very much being a single crew member, just waiting instructions from my officers. Life would have been much easier for me. I even would have had the time and possibility to be happy. And often when other commanders do not awake, you got their mission on top of yours.

So I have to warn you, if you go publicly, rightly, with your commander rank, out in the open on the field, shining brass and all, you will be at once on sight of the long range cannon shot and shell, and when moving more forward, into canister range. This is not funny at all. The low hierarchies and shadow ruling have still troops here and these are hard-borne.

A good UFO speaker, Michael Lindeman, have said "If you go talking as a speaker, you are going to loose your job, your spouse, your home, and so forth". I will ad : If you go publicly as speaker for the "Space Brothers" or "the Brothers", that would be even worse, with more intense artillery. You may loose everything, belongings, pets, even having trouble to keep love in your life.

If you are a true one, then put commander on front of your galactic name, and go for it. But remember, you are leading on front of the troops, not from behind. And you act in unity and synchronistic thought transfer with your fellow commanders disseminated all over the planet, without never judging any of them personally. Such behavior is just irrelevant in Starfleet.

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