From the computer library of the Starship Light, I have selected the most basics and important books for you to understand and enjoy better the presence of our Starfleet. I will not give stars, they all are major works in their field, and I think you should have them, for yourself and to show to other people of the Star family.

 George Adamski "Inside the Spaceships" Buy it now !

One of "my" two best books about the Space Brothers and Sisters. Will make you home sick !

 Howard Menger "From Outerspace to you". The "other" best book. Both George and Howard used to meet the "Brothers" physically, so these are first hand stories ! A good chapter about the soul mates from the stars. Howard is still lecturing, I meet him sometimes when we speak in events around the planet ! Look for that book in used bookstores or try this book (do not know if it is the same book, but any from Howard and Connie are good) : "Threads of Light to You" Most of these books are also available in German.

 George Van Tassel "The Council of Seven Lights" Buy it now !

Another pionneer physical contactee from the 50s. I believe he was the first to receive a channeling from Ashtar with the name "Ashtar Sheran". (before the "Speer group in Berlin). If the "Space Brothers movment", like some skeptics call it, seemed to "fade away" in the 70' and 80', it is just because the mass consciousness of the American people shifted its focus into the "Zeti Grey stuff". What you focus becomes your reality - What you think you become - Like attracts like - Be again like the American Brothers and Sisters described here, and the same people from Space will come back to you, beloved Americans ! Do you copy ?

Daniel W. Fry "The White Sands Incident". Buy it now !

Another physical contactee from that period, story of contacts in New Mexico, not with the little guys, but with our positive fleet, even over Air Force bases. The book contains also a very good chapter of teachings from Starfleet.

Sixto Paz Well "Contacto Inderdimencional" (in Spanish) Buy it now !

A physical contactee from South America. Sixto has done a terrific job in all spanish speaking countries to open their consciousness and prepare them for contact with positive Ets. I was speaker besides Sixto in congresses in Germany, he is a true "Brother".

Jean Michel "E.T. Die Kontaktler sprechen", my book in German, - the German "Magazin 2000" call it the best synthesis about the plan of Starfleet -, and my several books in French. I have a few left some place, any interested just contact me.

I am open to the idea of reprinting my books in these languages, so anu opportunity or publisher connection, please let me know. I also need sponsors/donations in order to take the time to write one or several new books.

Tuella "Ashtar : Revealing the Secret Identity of the Forces of Light". Buy it now !

A classic channeling book from Ashtar and other commanders.

Francie and Brad Steiger "The Star People"

Our foundation stone for us the Star family !

Eric Klein "The Crystal Stair" Buy it now !

A basic channeling book to comprehend the plan of the Ascension from Ashtar/Sananda. I consider Eric as one of the best channels around.

Tashira Tachi-ren/Archangel Ariel "What is Lightbody ?"

A great clear explanation of the Lightbody process, the best around.

Sue Ellen Mallone "The Sacred Language of Light"

The highest galactic teachings from our fleet I have ever seen, from a totally Starfleet perspective, the road map for the crew members of the Fleet on the ground and to understand the reception of the energies, symbols, sounds, colors etc.. known as Language of Light (universal galactic language).

Please Sue Ellen, or Shannar Douglas, or Lynn, if you are still on the planet, connect with me.

Patricia Cota-Robles, a Lightworker of a high standard, who originated some of the Harmonic Days. Two basic books from her :" Take charge of your Life" Buy it now !

and "What on Earth Is Going On ?" Buy it now ! Many useful techniques of Light and a good picture of the Lightwork performed by the Children of Light on the ground.

Captain Bruce Cathie "The Energy Grid : Harmonic 695" Bruce Cathie has been given by the Brothers the mathematical equations to find the basic Grids of energy on the Earth, the A Grid and the B Grid, on which crossings was basically performed "Gridwork" by Lighworkers since ages. The Golden grid and Starseeds grids are above on a higher dimensional level. If you look for many answers about energy and are a bit mental body orientated or science officers, this is great work. All books by Bruce Cathie are valuable for you then. You will discover the deception of the "cold war" which had no meaning at all since atomic bombs could only explode on some points of the Grids. If you are in Tesla research, this is a must to have.

my fellow speaker and friend Virgil Armstrong is settling the question of the "zeti greys" in this book : "Ets and UFOs They need us, we don't need them" Buy it now !

Virgil is an ex-US Air Force Captain and intelligence officer and was in Roswell in 1947. He was also contacted by Starfleet to clear the existing mess about UFOs and ET's.

You can see on this NASA photo a mothership stationned on the moon or near the ground. Size one mile. This is a key book to reveal the truth about astronauts who all had UFOs and Ets close encounters. Fred was the head of the George Adamski Foundation.

For the Star People of the last wave who are more attracted to go back to space than to crawl into New Age meditation groups, here is the foundation stone of the New Age anyway, which started long before the 60s in Berkeley. These books were written at the beginning of the 20th century…If you are new to the current spiritual knowledge down here, the following trilogy replaces easily the Bible, and is much more accurate :

Levi H.Dowling "The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ" Buy it now !

Baird T. Spalding "Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East" Buy it now !

Phylos the Thibetan "A Dweller on Two Planets" Buy it now ! This last book describes life on Venus and is a must for those on the "soul mate search" path.

L. Taylor Hansen "He Walked the Americas" Buy it now ! For those who visited my site "The Star Nations", here it is : the visit of Jesus in all the Tribes of the Americas, he taught the "Indians" how to pray and develop the Christ Consciousness. White man preachers go home to the Old Continent, you were a bit late in America, they will put you in good use in the hunt against the New Agers over there in Europe…

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