I am starting this page so for the time being I will list Graphics Programs which are great for web design and for documents. I am not a science officer and I need programs that are simple to use without being a computer wizard. Here are the programs I like the best for graphics :

Arts and Letters Express 7.0 I always find that very good tool from Computer Support Corporation in Texas extremely handy to make attractive flyers, posters, announcments, even covers for audio and video tapes. And now that they have updated it for the Web, it is even more fantastic. Contains several CD roms and tools, a bunch of clip art etc.. Go to their web site with a clic on the picture, you will discover more and where to buy it. Not easy to find in regular computer stores, but worthy to dig a bit to find that gem.


You can do your headlines and text anim real cool, it takes a few clics of the mouse and less that 5 mn to make something like that :

You create your own GIF or JPEG graphics, using a large library of models or you can use any pic or art of your own, and do almost everything with them. Create yourself all that you need for the Web or the designs for your work and documents. On top of it you got high professional quality. I did my banner "Cdr.Lyur Starship" on my home page in a matter of minutes.

You take a ready made template for your web site and you just customize easily for that particular look you want that will be your "mark". You creat all by yourself, healines, buttons, lines, textures etc…

These 3 great programs Xara 3D, Xara Webster and Xara WebStyle are from the U.K. Xara Ltd company. Just go to their web site, you can order (tell on the behalf of Journalist Jean Michel Surmely), you can also download trial versions. : www.xara.com

more to come

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