There are a bunch of UFO videos out there, so beloved Star People, in order not to be bored by them, you better checks for contactees names. You already know that UFO and Ets exist, what you want is more about our Fleet and the Confederation on video. The best way will be to produce some real good videos, and I will do just that someday. By now the best program I know of is from Atlantis Films, a company from Munich, Germany.It is a 3-set program that was filmed at the time of "our" big international congresses over there, in 89 and 90, "Dialog with the Universe", in which we all were on stage, Virgil, myself, Sixto, Oscar Magcosi, Frank Alper, Jim Hurtak, Stanton Friedman, Tony Dodd, Colonel Stevens, Erich Von Deninken, Chris Griscom, US and Russian astronauts, Star Brothers from Russia, and more and more…With all these fine people at hand, this firm from Munich just had to make interviews and then mix nicely the whole thing in the lab. Strangly enough I was called to the studio to be recorded and Atlantis never released my part in this series. Probably guarded by the Fleet above, as you are going to see.

Now is God's humor. You know that "God" (that we call "Radiant One" in the Fleet), has a lot of humor, just as everybody in Starfleet. When you see religious organizations and preachers without humor, they just are not from God, that is…(simple hey ?)

It appears that Atlantis films was extremely New Age orientated and understood very well the plan of the Space Brothers. Here we are, with a 3 video set packed with cool statements from our Fleet, and good clear picture of the whole plan, very spiritually teinted. Then, since UFOs and Ets stuff started to be popular within the masses, the big TV companies were looking for such programs to make good money. TF1, the largest French one, then bought this 3-set videos from Atlantis and published it under their name, available in every supermarket in France, Belgium, Switzerland…At the same time they were starting to brainwash people on TV for the sake of the anti-New Age campaign that is raging today so much that our Star People and Lightworkers are in jail now out there(talking about France, not China), just as on the darkest hours of the Nazi or Soviet Regime.

And the "TF1" videos were in all stores, with our own words and teachings, totally unchanged and well marketed….. There were published in German, in French and in English (at least). I do think these 3 videos may well be these :

UFOs and Cosmic Dimensions. 3-set video tape


In this other video you will find contactees with our Fleet such as George Adamski, Howard and Connie Menger, Daniel Fry and others, together with nice films of spaceships and motherships. Buy it now :

Naturally all you Star People may be crazy about Star Trek, as much as I am. The only show still running and making new episodes is the excellent Voyager. Available in the US the pilot episode "Caretaker". Now there is something I do not understand in this here yankee society ruling this country (and almost the rest of the world). Not only the US color image quality is the poorest in the world (even "digital"), the quality of TV programing is very far from good, not talking about the damn commercials system that built total unstability in Americans, but how in the galaxy is that possible that they are only STARTING NOW releasing Voyager videos (and DS9) ? In England, Germany etc.. we have ALL the videos of Star Trek series (ST original, STNG, DS9 and Voyager) available, all in ENGLISH (in addition of our local languages) and in the European excellent color PAL system.(two episodes per video) The new episodes use to arrive in video in our stores (Virgin stores and equivalent) less than 6 months(sometimes 3) after the first premiere on the US TV. What's the matter whith you "djankees" ????? And forget about the poor (quality) Sci-Fi channel who has not even started yet to show the first episodes of…Star Trek Next Generation !

Jean Michel, P.O.Box 71, Mt Ida, Arkansas, 71957

Dear friends,

Just settled in western NC (Spirit told me to come to Asheville area, the "New Sedona") in a old motorhome on a campground with a computer and internet line, I am activating my mailing-list to offer for a very limited time some videos. Right after succeeding to get a 5-year Journalist visa from the US and unlimited stay back here, I went by plane to the last Star Knowledge Conf. in Pomona, CA, to help in the video team. While it was as usual a great spiritual event, it was a fiasco financially.(50 attendees for more than 30 staff/speakers). The helper who rented the University building is in debt of 2000 bucks and could not reimbourse my 300 $ flight from Indianapolis and back. I was not a speaker that time. Since I have no income and on very low survival money, I decided I have the right to reimburse myself (I had not my travel expenses back for the Fort Collins, CO, either where I was a speaker, as well as the repairs of my video camera after the Sedona conf.) So I am offering only to my own correspondants the extra videos I taped for myself and this till I will be reimbursed for my travel expenses for the Conferences. I feel this is fair and I still will be in the video team for all the conf. to come, and speaker also. So take this opportunity to get these videos, I will stop to offer them right after covering the amount required and very needed for my survival.

See infos about the Elders in my article "The Star Nations". Now Videos available :

Woableza. Great video to learn the new basic of the "Red Road", sacred work for the Earth, and a must for children since Woableza articulate very well and is very simple in teaching.

Wallace Black Elk. A mountain of a man, one of the very well known and respected Elders who represent us in Washington DC. He announces the great purification.

Last Pannel. I have been very involved in spreading spiritual teachings from the US for more than 20 years, and I have never seen such high consciousness teachings as in these 2 hours and half. Ramtha, Lazaris, Kryon and the like are "kindergarten" compared to this. And here we have direct conscious channelling without "show" frame. A spiritual fireworks !

Videos from Fort Collins,march 99:

Floyd Hand "Looks for Buffalo". Great video from this powerful Elder, taken in his worshop; a best of its kind,

Grandmother Windrider + Wallace Black Elk. Grandmother passed away a few months afterwards, so this is a document. You can see and hear the use of the time-travel devices she calls "vessels" that she finally permited to film at the end of the conf. Each time we tried to videotape during workshop, all the cameras went dead until she was out of the room…

Workshops videos are : Woableza, Wallace Black Elk, Flyod Hand. Others are lectures.

I am asking 22.00 $ for each video + 5.00 $ for postage & handling. (to the order of Jean M Surmely)

(if you order all the 5 videos, it is 100.00 postage included, US/Canada only)

Available only in NTSC system (US). It is easy now to find in European stores VCRs that are able to playback on TV the NTSC videos. Orders from outside US/Canada, please ad 5 US $ per video

(your regular checks from your country OK, but written in English and in US dollars)

Send orders to : Jean Michel, P.O.Box 71, Mt Ida, Arkansas, 71957

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