Here are links with other Ashtar Commanders. Remember that true Commanders use to work in united synchronicity in a "One mind thought-transfer consciousness" always open to communicate with each other. So I am listing only such. I expect more to connect with me on the Starfleet frequency level. I have the right not to mention "ashtar" webmasters who made personal critics over me or my work or are just unwilling to connect and act in unity, this is an absence of team work and that thing does not exist in Starfleet.

This is just a start. Any other ground crew members from our Fleet are more than welcome to exchange links. Just do it, let me know and I will list you. Bless all in the Light of our Radiant One.

ACC Ashtar Communications Center Australia (clip-art from Lorianne/Arvoletcus see gallery there) Commander Soltec(Jasper) is one of the most dedicated of the command, doing great to bring unity within the ground forces, which is most needed. ACC is a kind of "Star Base" for us all to connect. He received the urge from Ashtar that the Command should go public now on the largest scale possible. Let's do it all together !

Ashtar Command Germany, I have been activating Germany and German speaking countries for a decade and built an Ashtar network there, so here is this site hosted by co-workers Starseeds Daniela and Gerrit Pages in German to come on this "dual" site.

 Ashtar Command Holland, Commander Andras.

Ashtar Command Norway. in Norwegian, but our Vikings crew members all understand English, so give them hello!

Ashtar Command Canada. Our sisters Commanders up there were the first to call for the "unification of the Ashtar Command". So go for it !

Ashtar Command USA. No listing because not united in this reality yet. Well, I am in the US, waiting for the "unification". Real Ashtar Commanders work as team, there is no "chief" some high place. So I will not report to that chief, if some around, just forget it. Why not to build a site that would be a "US Space Station" where we all would have the same space listing, express and settle our differences, or do we keep "barbwires over the prairie" to protect our ranches from each other (I got none and have no sheep). So my hand is streching all over, open. Or should I just give the Vulcan salute "Live long and prosper" ?

Ashtar Command French speaking countries. 2 sites so far, mine Visit this site in Paris and say "bonjour"

and the one from Commander Tielnec :

 a special mention to Aya, another French "space commander" doing great galactic mandalas in the US. These are incredible to use in meetings, bringing high energy and inter-dimensional "windows". Aya is available for shows in conferences etc..

Make Money at Home*USA/Canada only* Star People are very far from the economic reality of this here planet, but need that green energy anyway. Contact me, I may have some tips available for working at home :


There are so much channeling activities out there, Soltec thru Jasper call it "a burgeonning channeling industry", which I believe will be soon in stocks in Wall Street.., I am not a brooker so I am mentionning only those connected with me or kind enough to exchange links. Kari is a real nice lady (is not that better to give kind words to each other?) and she is doing great on a sacred site (also Stargate) in the same state where Miracle, the White Buffalo female is.

Daniela Starcrystal and Gerrit have built a powerful site. A best of its kind. Go list your site in the directory (in Starseeds).


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