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JEAN MICHEL/Commander LYUR e-mail:

Journalist, Writer, International Speaker, Member of the French Free Journalists and Writers Association, Member of the French Photographers Reporters Cameramen and Moviemakers Association


Born in France on may,8,1947, Jean Michel was contacted by a large UFO (Starship of Light =Merkabah) when he was 18. He was reawakened to his reality of being a star person, a volunteer from the Galactic Confederation and a crew member of the Intergalactic/ Interdimensional Fleet commanded by Ashtar and Sananda (Jesus). After many close encounters with starships, he was contacted again by the Starship "Light" at the age of 33, this time being asked to go public and teach Earth people how to get a galactic consciousness. See photos of the Starship in the page Pictures. The Star Nations told him that they could not officially land and accept planet Earth into the Federation unless invited to do so by earthlings. Both should meet half-way.

JEAN MICHEL authored 5 books about the Spiritual Program of the Star Brothers (in French, two being translated in German). He was an official representative and anchoring person for western Europe for the ‘harmonic Days’ : Harmonic Convergence, Starlink, Crystal Lightlink, 8:8, 11:11, 12:12.

He was in charge of the German delegation for the opening of the Doorway of the 11:11 in Egypt with friend and speaker Virgil Armstrong. He conducted a ceremony for that group in the Great Pyramid and was a speaker at the UFO congress in Cairo at the time. He has been speaker in many lectures and events in European countries, the most largest congresses being: "Healers for Peace", Danemark, with Vicky Wall (Aura-soma), Josephine, the best known of Philipino healers and many known world healers, "DIALOGUE WITH THE UNIVERSE" part 1, Frankfurt,Germany, with Chris Criscom, Fred Bell, Stanton Friedman, J.J.Hurtak, Sixto Paz, Zecharia Sitchin and 35 well known speakers. He helped to awaken the European star people in a one-day event with other ‘contactees’ Frank Alper, Virgil Armstrong, Oscar Magocsi. He was a speaker again at DIALOG WITH THE UNIVERSE part 2 in Munich with the same colleagues speakers, this time with Russian Cosmonaut Colonel Marina Popovich and Russian contactees.

He was also a speaker in the Congress ‘Communication in Cosmos’ in Berlin, with fellow speakers Randolph Winters, Edith Fiore, Jerry Wills, Al Bielek, J.J.Hurtak and others.

He has also organized International Starseeds Reunions in Switzerland and various European countries. When he was asked by the Star Confederation to go public, during the contact he had a special mind connection installed by the Command which resulted in a permanent link with the computers of Light from the Fleet with the purpose or coordination and synchonization with the ‘ground personnel’ from the Fleet (volunteers in embodiment on Earth). He is in permanent contact with the Starships ‘Light’, Commander Awaana (space sister), Starship "Crystal Bell’, Commander Woodok (space brother) and "Janus", Commander Uloan (space brother). The main function of theses Starships (Merkabas) is to bring and trigger Christ Consciousness on Earth.

Jean Michel/Commander Lyur was also asked to gather ‘ground’ crew members of several Starships, disseminated all over the planet.

His mission having been completed in Europe, he was asked to come now to North America to bring a clearer picture of the Galactic Confederation and the Intergalactic Fleet(= Ashtar Command), and to help unifying forces involved in this program of the cosmic hierarchy. He is available throughout ‘Turtle Island’ for lectures and slide shows of one of the best pictures of the spiritual command of the Fleet, a very high energy never shown in the US before. He is giving workshops on "Getting Galactic Consciousness" "Preparing for contact with the Star Brothers" and "Star Family Soulmates". Facilitators are welcome to help for these events in any area in North America, or any continent. Please contact :


He is also a speaker in the Star Knowledge Conferences in the USA

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