Masters and Brotherhoods
It must be made very clear here that pertaining to all aspects of life, things are seen very differently from an outer space perspective than they could be perceived by 3D body-minds down on planet Earth. Nothing is more true about the subject of religion and spiritual hierarchies. Let's first and for all fix the earthly religions with a powerful sentence from the yogi master from India, Ramakrishna:

"Religions are roads going to God,
but the roads are NOT God"

This very simple statement applies as well for all "esoteric orders or brotherhoods" and these have been even more numerous than churches, especially today.

  Before bringing my load of galactic laundry detergent to try to clean the mess, I would make first a conclusion as a free Journalist and a report as a captain of an away team. (free Journalists are not on payrolls, are not controlled by managers, not censured by the shadow worldwide ruling, and are not pressured by the moods, fashions and % of audits wanting the most shocking and negative news as possible.)

Two currents of brainwashing campaigns have been running on the land since some time, and I see them as two arms of the same river trying to flood the flatlands of our undeveloped mind. Please remember that we use only less than 10 % of our brain, Einstein in his 'good days' was maybe using 15 %. This is why mostly Earthlings look always to leaders to tell them what they should think, religion and spirituality included.

One river is the so-called skeptic intellectual movement that is writing today that all religions, brotherhoods and spiritual groups in history, and flying saucers the like, have been developed and controlled by the same merchants ruling the world.

The other river is smoothly undulating through the pink grass of the idyllic New Age scenery, which doesn't seems to be disturbed by it at all, and whispering that the "Grey's" from Zeti Reticulum are not that bad after all, we should be friends with them and give out our love and light. "cause they have created all our religions, and beings like Jesus, see?". You can even find New Age books with covers of a Zeti cradling one of our babies. Do what you want folks, there is free will here, but personally I would never give my little one to be cradled by one of these guys. Think it over. Go and see by yourself. Make your own mind. Put your hands in those rivers, you will discover on them the same muddy waters. And if you know what a good many start to know today, that the Zeti and the merchants are in the same sack, you even don't need to surf these rivers.

Now, to empty the 'New Age' sacks into the washing machine, or better say the esoteric ingredients that needs color refreshing:

Short note : I have been promoting the American New Age for more than 20 years in Europe, and for this I paid the high price loosing everything, very short to end in jail. So I feel I have the right to have my own opinion of the New Age today. It has changed, very much. 20 years ago it was only "love and light". Today it looks like a strange fat animal almost entirely devoted to "yankee business". It has a very long tail, and you can find, maybe, "love and light" at the very end of the tail, like the rattle of a rattlesnake, with the same purpose of attracting attention. Of course we could not think that the "shads" would not try to infiltrate it. In 86 I met a speaker woman doing lectures in all New Age centers all over the States, telling people to empty totally their minds. Presenting myself as only a Journalist, she made the mistake telling me that she was paid 3000 $ per month plus all expenses (food, travel, lodging), by the two wealthiest foundations - no names - , she was "trained" by them to do this inside the New Age. Soon after wild mind control at distance started inside the New Age center, which eventually was anihilated. Besides this kind of "infiltration", numerous business people have become "New Age" because of the new juicy market it represents. And finally a bunch of people have found more fun to start a "New Age job" instead of remaining in the normal stream, I mean that their main motivation was "starting a business", love and light being just the frame. You find my words harsh, just look around. This is why today I prefer far more the company of my Native American Star family, because these are totally "aliens" to "yankee business and marketing". Please remember that money did not exist for the Indigenous nations, as it does not exist either in the Galactic Confederation. To end my note real Ashtar Commanders do not became New Age leaders for a job, this is often the opposite, they are very intelligent people, and they often quit a well paid job to do this, litterally "pushed ahead" by their contacts, should I say - sharply designed as "volunteers" - All the above is an "opinion" not a "judgment". Even more Mr Spock would say : "These are the facts, Captain"


 The galactic vision or perception is very simple. In the universe very powerful channels of spiritual knowledge are recognized without the slightest distortion. There are spiritual "orders" as well, providing guidance, not ruling. One quite known is the "Solar Cross",composed by beings having completed a high level of spiritual consciousness from many worlds, star systems, and even close galaxies.


Another one is the order of 'Melchizedek", a lineage of "priests" (the closest word we would have for it), similar to the Vulcan spiritual hierarchy in Star Trek. These travel the universe and are part of various galactic councils, included the meetings taking place aboard the command motherships of the Intergalactic Fleet. They have seeded spiritual ideas on many planets, and on Earth as well. In 5th dimensional worlds and beyond, there is no need to take a 'local embodiment' because these planets belong naturally to the Confederation of Free Worlds, which means free circulation and exchange.

On Earth it was necessary for these 'orders' to send their best delegates straight from spaceships or through the birthing process. Then these 'ambassadors' eventually started local 'orders'. The problem on Earth as an undeveloped humanity, is that things always mess-up after the departure of the leaders. The motto of the local mankind seems to be: "why make things simple while we can make them complicated?"

Then when leaders eventually return after their regular tour of the galaxy, they are usually stunned to find a fully loaded multi-hierarchy with countless rituals, or even a whole religion seeing itself as the only God.
This is why when somebody tells me proudly "I am from the order of Melchizedek", I would ask: "Which one? The galactic one or the earthly one?" Believe me, that's make a big difference...

 To end, I will mention the spiritual order known as 'The Great White Brotherhood", which has been certainly not created by merchants. These are local Earthlings who have succeeded to attain the same level of spiritual high consciousness as other galactic beings. It took them much more time and courage to do it on this very ground, this is why they are very respected in the galaxy and beyond, where eventually this order has become also a "travelling order" - made in Terra - shall we say. In the vacancy caused by the undeveloped stage of this humanity, a spiritual seat has been installed above the earth, so to speak. It is called the 'Seat of the Christ" which is a tittle, like in a council or in a board of directors. Jesus have been seated on it for a time all right, but the purpose of it was and still is, to be seated by developed Earthlings from the Great White Brotherhood.

Now you may think that you will meet Jesus again, and you bet you will, chances are that this will happen aboard a big mothership, his name will be Sananda, he probably will not wear a big long white Melchizedek robe but a regular Starfleet uniform like in Star Trek. He will have exactly the same look as his "special Venusian teams" that use to contact some people on Earth in patrol ships "Adamski scouts type"


So when today you would hear a "Master" saying through a "channel": "I am the new Christ", you have to translate by yourself "I am the next Chairman of the Board for a little time", because the channel won't do the translation for you, and probably can't. Granted that this is a truth accepted by all members of the great White Brotherhood.

Suffice to say that it is very unlikely, for many reasons, that these "big guns" from these spiritual orders would be incarnated, if any, upon this planet today. This is NOT the plan of Sananda, the Interdimensional Fleet and the Confederation. The plan is that Earthlings become "Masters" by themselves, once for all.
So long with the "Vulcan stuff"!

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