Am I a Star People, a member of Starfleet ?

First of all there is an useful concept to grasp inside your own perception of reality. We are talking about the reincarnation belief system, which is a reality for more than half of this planet today, almost the whole eastern part, not counting a good percentage of Americans and Europeans ..

The East has kept intact this knowledge, while the West got a wild brain washing by the official churches in order to eradicate this reality. How is that possible ?

Very simple, it happened when the Roman church (who call itself "holly"!) decided that for the "good of the sheep stock" this concept should be eliminated from the "holly" Bible. This was done in a concile in the 6th century where the "chiefs" erased purely and simply all the mentions of reincarnation in the old testament, as well as all the very numerous times Jesus himself teached about it. From this moment on, all people teaching and embracing this reality would be "heretics" and as such would be wildly tortured and burned alive by the "holly" men, who enjoyed themselves immensely doing so to women (since sex was/is forbiden for the priests in the Roman church.)

Why in heaven or should I better say "in hell" consciously commiting this crime of erasing whole teachings of the Master Jesus in the bible ? If you have a background of "puritan yankee ancestry", just have a look to the Dead See Scrolls or Esseniens books, you will quickly change your mind…

Easy to understand. How could you keep controling the masses with the fear of a "hell" totally invented for that very purpose, if the people believe in reincarnation ? As a matter of fact, that reality provide the possibility to fix and correct all by yourself the mistakes along your evolution path (what "they" call "sins"), improving yourself along a chain of multiple lives, and therefore reaching step by step that self spiritual evolution, which Jeus was continuously talking about, and promised we would all reach one day by following his example..

So then "many lives you have lived" as would say Master Yoda…


Now the difference between a "Star People" (a being who came from the Stars) and a "Children of the Earth" is simple. A Children of the Earth is a being spiritually awaken (I reckon you got my point that we are not talking about churches any more. We "ain't in Kansas anymore" here), and that awakening being performed along many lives spent down here on Earth., since the beginning of the "Earth experiment". Besides thousands of lives upon the planet, such being usually had only a handful of lives on other planets, just to give a taste, so to speak. Usually a Children of the Earth has no or little memories of "other worlds" and is not interested in out of space stories. He or she will call all of this "science fiction for dreamers who are disconnected from the "normal" life in society". For such a person, UFOs and ET contacts are children play.

On the other hand, we are talking about adults here, of course, the only reality is that the universe is only inhabited by spirits, certainly not bodies, because God - or the Elohims - created only the Earth to put his children in the flesh down here, see ?. Then the "out there" is only a kind of nirvana, a smooth nebula of eternal bliss, a paradise of pure spirits resting on pink clouds, and who usually enjoy harp concerts by winged angels on Saturday nights.

You are laughing, but is that not the reality of many New Agers, disciples of esoteric orders, not talking about followers of spiritual teachings from the far East ? If you tell them that we do have bodies out there, they look at you as you would be a Klingon, cause they don't want to ascend with the body, what they want is to become pink bubbles, eventually starting right now to become "bubble beings". So be it, what you think, what you become… Credit for the last colorful image goes to one of my Native American sisters, Red Star.

Just a French tip here for those Starseeds who are concerned not to become "bubble beings" yet (physically speaking) : it is perfectly possible to be lean and slim, I don't buy the idea that the overweight problem is a fatality in the US and that other species have to accept the "American new size" as a "social difference". I always self-check myself, act accordingly,and most Europeans do the same, specially the Frenchs, who are often pioneers in the use of herbs and natural medicine. So this is the basic rule : fast two days a month, the day of the full moon to purify the liver, and the day of the new moon for the elimination system. On these days no food, only one liter and half of spring "living" water. Between the New Moon and the Full Moon, use herbs that stimulate digestion and liver. Between Full Moon and New Moon, use herbs that stimulate the elimination system. As simple as that…Another tip to burn fat quickly is to eat a very small meal every 2 hours and half, talking about real healhty food here, not snacks or american junk food, forget also about junk "soft" drinks, included so-called diet ones with deadly aspartame, all this should be abandonned as "20th century garbage". Another tip is eating for one week or two, only whole rice, nothing else in it (no oil, butter or cheese). You will see quick results. There is also something on the corner (everywhere in America) it is called fitness place where people take care about their bodies, and regain health and a lot of energy., together with a more beautiful body. See also many good infos in magazines "Ms Fitness" and "Women's Fitness". I also suggest Star women to visit the site of actress Cory Everson, who plays "Atalanta" in the rather good "Hercules" TV series. Cory was 6 times Miss Olympia (title given to the most beautiful and fit woman in the world) and besides a nice line of products including fat burning drinks, is giving very good advices how to be fit and lean, what to eat (and not to eat!) in restaurants etc..clic on her pic.

Now if you beloved American Starseeds do not want to change your current shape, OK I will make a special motion at the next Galactic Council that the ships scheduled for rescue/ascension ops for the US should be remodeled to increase cargo space, size of cabins, seats in lounge rooms, uniforms size XXXXXL, etc…Some individuals around already got mad reading my web site, I'm going to get some more, probably…

Back to the basics, I would like to recall the stories of early contactees George Adamski (see book "Inside the Spaceships") Howard Menger (book "From outerspace to you"), both to be read if you want to know more about Space Brothers and Sisters. You will discover that these always have beautiful muscular bodies, both men and women, perfect specimens of humans. I have said in this site that they still have sexual intercourse up there and relationships, and they care about their bodies as well, a "physical temple for the soul", as Jesus asked us to do in order to ascend with it, is'nt that so ? Sten Lindgren, Swedish contactee is still meeting them physically today on the ground, and he report the same, beautiful men and women. Now if you doubt that we here cannot have the same beautiful bodies for our soul to inhabit, just have a look at a site "US Fitness Women" I created as Press in France : go to in there clic on Dena, you will have an idea about the appearance of the women in the spaceships, with positive proof that it is possible to look the same here on the ground. I have done that site to show that American fitness women could be an example and model to follow, and that it is possible to exercise and be beautiful at the same time. Visit the rest of the site as well. I will say much more about relationships between us star people men ad women, in the Starmate Connection newsletter.

Now pertaining to the origin of all souls down here, I do agree that we all are "Starseeds", all came from the universe as seeds on the planet Earth experiment, at the very beginning.

 A Star People is quite the opposite of a Child of the Earth. Very few lives on Earth, ten or twenty, and all the rest spent in countless planets, star systems, in many missions for Starfleet…Engage !

Usually the Star People likes to say that he/she has been "parachuted" down here - without parachute - inside a hostile environment of looking crazy Earthlings. Never will the Star People understand how these people live and act, even in love. A Star People will fall in love immediately with the natural beauty of this here planet, trying to protect her from the "locals" who just destroy her. Animals come very easy to him/her, and the Star People would be just happy with nature, animals, and a TV on which to watch all Sci-Fi stuff, being mad with Star Trek… Sounds familiar ?..

Often enough the Star People will repeat all around that his/her parents are not "the true parents". And being in a kind of permanent "out of the body" state or "natural meditation", he/she will never find exactly funny to cramp the legs in lotus position for hours in order to start to meditate… Star People girls also often got in trouble in relationships because they attracts males like honey attracts bears, with this incredible magnetic field radiating around, as well as a sensuality out of the norm…The only safe way is another Star people man, with which everything will fit OK.

Well if you recognized somebody here, welcome to the club ! Finally you have found your cosmic family.

You may also very well carry the energy of the Saturn Command as an extra "complementary" little touch to bear, on top of your other capabilities, missions etc…Star people with that energy use to blow the fuses of people and equipment all over the place, make any less-than-light frequency pop-up for eventual cleaning and recycling, in anything and anybody, including in relationships. So Saturn Command star people are not exactly the most popular type among humans here, and have" quite a hard time to find their kin. I know better, I'm one.

I have kept the word "Star People" to go back to basics. It is pretty much time to do so. That word was used first by Francie and Brad Steiger in the book

"Star People" (still worthy to get in used bookstores). The story of these "Ets" left on Earth and continually saying "ET phone home", was also studied by scientist Andrija Puharich, with extensive research on high IQ children saying they are "from the Stars". The "Star People questionnary" from Francie and Brad was updated by our Ashtar people in Canada, see Cloverleaf Connection at

You also can find a triggering guide line with my galactic readings, go to :

Golden Starquest by Cdr.Lyur


Here is a short figure about the Star People population, according to our computers in Starfleet. As soon the naughty boys down on Earth invented atomic bombs, a wave of volunteers from Starfleet was rushed into the planet - birthing process - and between 2 to 3 millions were born in the 40s,50s, 60s, and disseminated all over the planet.

Another huge wave started in 1975, we are talking about around 150 millions as of today, but still going on. And a number of children born since the mid 90s arrive here totally conscious and need not to be "awaken". Their 3rd Eye is open at birth, their multi-dimensional senses fully operational. They will become very early instructors for many including their "parents". They know who they are and why they are here.

Winca, child boy from the galactic underground colony on Mars.

Note from Cdr.Lyur. Brothers and sisters Star People, if you live the wonder of the arrival of a Star child in your home, please bring him/her with natural birth at home please. This is deadly out there, in Earth hospitals, like Dr McCoy says, it is primitive and barbaric. So birth with candlelight, smooth drumming,New Age lullabies music etc.. You know better how hard is the landing down here… Not talking about the scanning and maybe implanting that could occur out there, and what about schools. When you will know, as I do as a free journalist, that the World Health Organization, allied with the "Shads", willingly and consciously "included" free of charge the AIDS virus in the Hepatite B vaccine for most of the populations and children in Africa, and this is how it started, you will stop to trust central powers. One of our French Star Sisters was a Doctor and consultant in that organization in Geneva, she resigned at once when discovering this. The fact is also well documented in a French book by an private attorney about the scandal of a community of Doctors and scientists revealing these facts and educating their children (with no vaccines) by themselves, who were anihilated by police forces and "justice". The children were taken away from their parents, put in orphan institutions, and got their "sting" all right. The leaders of the group are in jail today . This is in France. That group also succeeded to develop a simple method to grow giant organic vegetables and remove all sicknesses from plants and trees. Special forces stole the computers datas. This is just one of hundred of similar cases in France. All New Age leaders(myself being one of them) are persecuted and prosecuted and many groups and networks have ceased to exist. All freedoms gone - freedom of beliefs, freedom of meetings, freedom of independant Press, freedom of life style aso..- It is urgent to built an American and world support group. I think this is a test, and may be applied elsewhere. I need your help contact This note is probably safe in the middle of "Star People delirium". We just got word recently from a Star Sister in LA area that the "Hepatite B" vaccine is now compulsory in all schools, colleges there etc… Rumors of the "Ebola" thing this time. If you do not believe that hell only exist down here, maybe now you will.


The following channeling is from …1982 ! : "The Star children will be called the Christed Children because they carry the same knowledge and vibration of Jesus/Sananda. Your communities will be their support; like the Essenien school was the support for Jesus. Do not let these children be 'recorded" by the current ruling. It is also imperative that they will not have innoculation of vaccines or other drugs since their vibration do not permit to bear it. It will be the same for you later, and is already so for many. Keep well the responsaibility of these children placed in your hands, they will lead the Golden Age that you have open. Many Star children have used parents only as vehicles. Many families who welcomed them have not in their destiny to remain in physical bodies during the transition and Earth changes. Many families will be torn apart. These Star children will arrive alone in your communities in very strange ways. You also know that you are to work with children that you do not know yet. When you possess the freedom that comes with spiritual understanding, you realize that you are free souls with responsability only to your divine self. So many husbands and wives will leave abruptly to join others and start new families for the transition of the planet. Do not be afraid of love, for love is your true nature. Expressing your very nature is to love without fear, and love all of life. Naturally you will fonction better in monogamic relationships. Over all keep your divine integrity and all your relations will be polarized and blessed. When a relationship is polarized and blessed by the divine self (not by a priest), then the union is made on the eyes of God. When integrating these high principles, your will then receive true happiness and joy in you and all your relations."

Commander Lytton, Intergalactic Fleet . Channel Lyara (USA)

Starseeds Children

By Sue Ellen Malone, channel (USA)

No doubt you have recognized a distinct change in the behavior of children born in the two last decades. (since mid 70s). Many of them seem to have little regard for the established educational process. Quite simply, they are supremely bored. Often these children do not do well in school. Their minds are elsewhere (quite literally). They have little patience, refuse to do mindless rote activities, many are hyperactive, and some totally disobedient ! In short our system does not fit their neds. There are advanced neurological receptors present in the genetic structure of the starseed children. These "hook-up" receivers bring advanced data conversion. They simply are not content with running their cylinders on mega-slow speed so to speak. It is the reconnection of these structures that will be facilitated through the Academies of Light. (new communities built with the help of the Fleet).

As the Starseeds are awakened, they will gather together the young ones in schools /Academies of light, where the living energies of light language will be transmited and received. These encodings will take place through the creative energies of movement, sound and light. As the Star children bring the energies through their cerebral cortex into the spinal cord and nervous system, their DNA structures will be altered allowing them to receive further instruction encodings directly.


(note from Cdr.Lyur: that was the very purpose of making very sick and dum the children born after 75, to avoid this to happen. You bet the Shads know about our waves of Starseed birthing).

If there is a young starseed in your phere of influence, you might consider sending conscious telepathic signals of recognition to them. The Bach Rescue Remedy has proven to be successful in calming the emotional bodies of these brilliant children. It may be as, if not more, effective on the frazzled nerves of the parents !

Once the Starseed children are reconnected and protected from the stifling energies of our third dimensional reality, they can enjoy themselves again. However in the meanwhile, they have "Joy Guides" that sing flashes of tunes which are, of course, coded messages from the universal light languages. They stimulate their playful imaginations, and prompt expressions of the light language through the creative talents in music and art.

Sue Ellen Malone (USA)

And be ready, space friends on the ground, because on the new planet and the new universe,

"You will be amourous and will make many children" (Jesus/Sananda in the Borup channelings in Denmark, Universal Link)

Well, about the pink clouds and the harp concerts, not quite yet !

The children born since 1975 are to be the future leaders and operators in the oncoming evacuation/ascension procedures, as well as leaders in the new Starfleet. These Star People are here for the first time, never been incarnated on Earth before.

The "birthing" procedure was the only valid one to help the humanity of this planet without breaking the Prime Directive from Starfleet - which really exists, of course - : law of non interference in the development of class M planets.

You came to this world free of fear and full of love
To bring a blessed message from the dear ones above
You have so long forgotten that you came from afar
You are our brothers/sisters from a faraway star

So open your soul's eye and love with your heart
Wash your pain away with light and make a brand new start
Love each and everyone and hold them so dear
You come from the light and here there is no fear

Daniela Starcrystal


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