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Starfleet really exists !

Capt.Lyur, Starship "Light#2"

Congratulations ! You have succeeded to log into one of the computers of Starfleet, the real Intergalactic Fleet. We are using the local technology available at the present stellar date. Our ground personnel will do its best to take good care of you. But rejoice, for you are going to see soon much more of our Fleet. Large ships are scheduled to land far from cities to become sanctuaries during the Earth changes. Maybe you will even be beamed up !


  The "Cruiser 414" photo from a film taken in may 1988 by the probe SOHO near the sun. Discovery by S.Stezelberger, report from C.St Cyr of the "Naval Research Laboratory" working with Consortium SOHO-LASCO. Wide controversy over the Net, as always.

WARNING # 1: this site is not about to question if UFOs and Ets do exist or not. Such question is past and irrelevant, we are now in the 3rd Millenium. Any being courageous enough to investigate the matter would discover rapidly that UFOs DO indeed exist and that the logical answer, Mr. Spock, is that they are from outer space. The question that they may be instead from the future or another dimension is irrelevant either, just because space, time and dimensions are one and same thing. For newcomers, please rush to the 1st hour program from the always excellent History Channel (which is of a most higher standard than the Sci-Fi channel, only able to produce pale imitations of Star Trek and even "hell" shows (!) with one only exception "First Wave") : "UFOs Then and Now" which was broadcasted from Jan.1st to Feb.3rd, 2000 in the US. The 1st video settle the question of the reality of outerspace ships. (to order call 1 800 708 1776 or go to )

WARNING# 2 : some fellow webmasters supposedly having the same reality as I have seem not to understand my way or even are making personal critics. I did not thought I had to explain this since I expected other "real" fellow space commanders to be sentient beings with a IQ above the Earthly norm, but here it is : I express myself in my web site, as Cdr Lyur, which is my name in Starfleet. I have the right - and the duty - to share my knowledge and express my opinions. Starfleet is not at the image of military Earth systems and is NOT an esoteric order either. I receive orders nor judgements from none. As for my friend Capt Virgil Armstrong from the US Air Force and other respected colleagues speakers in International UFO and New Age congresses all over the world, we consider "channeling" as past, except carefully choosen ones on some sister sites. Again we are in the 3rd Millenium, in which we are all supposed to master ourselves and "channel" ourselves. There are no differences between the "Brothers" aboard starships of the Fleet and the "ground personnel". All are One. We are not separated.(I got 20 days in jail and heavy fine in Switzerland just to have written the three previous sentences, I suspect the holes in the Swiss cheese are much filled with less-than-light ETs, save one base I know) The "phone line" - tought transfer - as George Adamski named it, works both ways in synchronicity. Then unless specifically noted, this site is not "channeling", and I designed it this way on purpose, to show a new way of being on duty down here. And finally the necessity push me to give the "kindergarten" following explanation : saying things about structures or collective bodies or systems is : "expressing opinions", saying the same things about individuals or work of individuals naming purposely the person is : "making judgments". Pure logic, Mr. Spock…


Welcome to Starfleet ! à STARFLEET !

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