The "Greys" You won't see on this site no one single figure of those Zeti guys that abound on all UFO sites. Why ? Because I do not promote them. I do not know why others do so unless it is totally unconsciouss and probably the results of a brainwashing campaign.

As a free Journalist, I have no reasons to follow the trend to present the most fearfull and negative news possible while playing basket-ball in the trash with the good news, which are many.

On top of this, these guys from Zeti Reticulum are only 4% of the E.T.s around the Earth and the solar system, so they will get only 4% of my space. And since they are presently removed from space itself, they will be removed from here as well. If I have only one good book to suggest to you it would be one by my friend and colleague speaker Virgil Armstrong, retired U.S. Air Force Captain and ex- intelligence officer at Roswell : "The Armstrong Report:-They Need Us, We Don't Need Them". Why did they crash there ? First there have been many crashes down there, mostly "bad guys" but some "good guys" as well. Even in the Zeti star system, there is a planet or two with little guys with white skin, not gray, evolved and benevolent. They did not wanted to come to the ground, but they crashed. Virgil had the report.

You want to know why almost all the galaxy and adjacent galaxies have sent starhips over here at the time, a concentrated fleet like never before?.


Because of naughty boys from Earth playing with atomic weapons. Don't you know what they did when blasting the first atomic bomb in New Mexico? They disintegrated the very fabric of space, breaking the space-time continuum, and opened a hole in space, a breech of hundred miles on the ground and very high in space. Before the Fleet could put some warnings banners up there, a bunch of spaceships were swallowed by it. On top of it, you can only blast atomic bombs on crossing points of the electro-magnetic grids of Mother Earth, that is on "vortex spots".(see books from Captain Bruce Cathie, from the New Zealand Air Force). Naughty is a very gentle word for these people, most of the commanders in the Fleet have lost patience with the Earthlings a long ago. And they had plenty of it, a kind of angelic patience. There is a universal law that states "Like attracts like". This is true on the spiritual side, but on the other side of the coin as well. So what ? Naughty boys from Earth attracted naughty boys from space.

No worry, if you are the gentle kind, you will attract the gentle ones. To end the "non-promotion" of these guys, here is a quotation from the channel Sue Ellen Mahone :
"There have in fact, been non-galactic federation ships in your skies for quite some time now. They performed unauthorized experimentation on various human subjects. Their presence was observed by the command ships. They were allowed to continue their activities until such time as they became a hinderance to the evacuation plan. The "Greys" have operated quite illegally here with the aspirations of gaining insight to the rejuvenation of the seed crystals within their biological order. They were unsuccessful in their attempt and have been for the most part removed."


Another colleague speaker, Sten Lindgren, a physical contactee from Sweden has received the confirmation that these were only 4% of the E.T. operations on and around the Earth. For more than 30 years Sten has been in physical contact with the fleet and the spaceships, he call them simply - like early American contactees - : "The Brothers". Furthermore no ships from the "Greys" could be found in the Northern countries (around the Polar circle) like Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Baltic states, Siberia, Alaska, the top of Canada, because frequencies there are too high for them coming close to the North Pole.

Particles travelling in space from the Sun arrive first to the North Pole, there they are the most strongest, causing the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) and then follow the magnetic field of the Earth, ending in the South Pole. (Antartica having less frequencies "of Light" - although simultaneous duplicates of the Northern Light-, the "Greys" which are as we say in Starfleet "less-than-Light beings" were able to install a join "Grey/Nazi" base down there after WWII). Besides, in Scandinavia, small beings with atrophied sexual organs are not exactly popular among the Vikings, who are very healhtly to that matter.

Powerful aurora over Artic regions at a peak of Solar activity. Photo from outer space.

The Northen Lights are a kind a "polarized" Light. Our ships move in them like fish in water. That Light would burn the "Greys" or unevolved beings, but at the same time awaken people spiritually. This is why Scandinavians are more evolved in respect to the Earth, protection of environnement, natural food, and have decreeted peace for several centuries now. For people who are already awakened spiritually, the energies of the Northern Lights have incredible effects, particularly on the upper chakras. Our ships are more "at home" in these areas, and are able more easily to make physical contacts, even to mix with the population. Large bases of our Fleet could be found inside the mountains of Norway and Sweden. I have my own point of contact with the Brothers on one of the bases, with a system of vortices similar to Sedona, and extremely high energy. I have brought groups there in the Artic winter with incredible adventures. The base in Norway cover a very large area and this country has seen the biggest UFO waves in history.

recent photo from my friends of the scientific group UFO Norge on the Northern part of the base. Our ships are often visible when adjusting molecular structure in order to enter through rocks inside the base. See their site :

One time in the 90s, I just arrived leading a group in Norway, when a UFO wave broke over Bergen, on the coast, with numerous sightings, photos, and live coverage by the Norwegian TV, all of this showing the exact shape and crafts "Adamski" type, flooting in the air on front of the balconies of the houses on the hills. As usual Norwegian newspapers gave nice reports, not ridiculizing but just reporting. The people of the mountains asked me at once to give a public meeting, attended by more than 70 Norwegians on a short notice, included a military squadron on manoeuvers with a General.(!) I explained to the brave down to Earth folks almost everything that you see on this web site. They were very open, asked very pernitent questions, one being often "what could we do to help these Ets and the planet ?" and "why have we been choosen ?" When I was on the subject of the wide base from our fleet in the mountain, the General broke in, saying "yes, we know some of the entrances to it". I have to tell you also that the UFO research group in Norway is provided with equipment from universities, laboratories, and from the Army(could you think about this in the US ?), and they are open to psychic research. Morever that group of scientists was so submerged by sightings when in the winter campaigns, having so often the patrol ships over their heads that one of them started to have opening of psychic abilities, even becoming channel, receiving …Ashtar.

The showers of the Auroras activate psychic abilities and unfold hidden star memories. This is there that I have taken my best photo of the Starship of my Captain Awaana, with an ordinary film, in the Arctic night :

Starship "Light" ,Commander Awaana (woman):crew=300

I also suceeded to take a video shot of a patrol ship, with telepathic contact from our small group,asking the ship to backpedal, which she did at once. I provided the video to the Norwegian UFO research group, that film was shown all over the TV channels of Scandinavian countries many times, in very good positive programs.See my film on UFO Norge site : it is the first video clip "", clic on target and choose the first film

I am planning an American group (other welcome tooJ ) to go there as soon as I would have about 8 candidates. This year is fantastic to go because of tremendous solar activity = gorgeous Auroras on "Hills of Heaven" all night long ! Kind of downloading the upper chakras ! Norway is better than Alaska and Canada, the gulf stream warming up the winter (only around 15°celcius below in the night and very dry) Please contact me :

Hills of Heaven, the spot for my contacts in Norway, where I took the photo and film above

Another colleague speaker, Sten Lindgren, a physical contactee from Sweden (having still physical contacts with Adamski type crafts and crews) has received the confirmation that these were only 4% of the E.T. operations on and around the Earth. For more than 30 years Sten has been in physical contact with the fleet and the spaceships. The commander of the operations concerning Sweden is a spacewoman captain named Bea. It is easy for our crews to mix in the population over there because of the "Nordic type". Captain Bea told Sten back in 1969 that in "around 30 years, something very big will happen". The plan of Starfleet has been so successful in Sweden and Norway (Finland and Denmark too) that it was possible to fly numerous squadrons all over in an almost permanent motion, even "space trains".

Other photos of scout ship and mothership in Norway :

No one there could ignore the presence of Starfleet in Sweden, even with life coverage on T.V. several times, T.V. producers being visited by the ships on their own residence. The same happened with the Royal family, and even politicians and generals. The Scandinavian countries are very ready for a mass landing of positive Ets, that is, our Fleet, and will probably be the first, unless the Yankee nation backpedal rapidly to a positive focus on ET contacts like in the 50s, thanks to pioneers such as George Adamski, Howard Menger, George Van Tassel, Dan Fry, Bob Short and many others. According to the focus I see on the Sci-Fi channel (which is less and less real Sci-Fi, fade poor imitations of Star Trek in new so-called "space" series, always bad Ets, not talking about series on…"hell"! Sadly true, they use themselves, broacasted, the term "evilution" !! So with such "Sci-Fi junk fast food", we are far from a "first contact" in the USA with our Fleet…


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