The Plan of Starfleet (version courte)

Our planet in total, which of course includes mankind, is ascending from the Third dimension (this is the densest physical planet existing in the local universe), to the Fifth dimension which is a much higher vibrational frequency. Those who ascend will use one hundred percent of their mental faculties allowing inner-dimensional travel, thought projection, instant manifestation and communication. The birth and death cycles will no longer exist. All karmic debts erased.

The visible landing of the Ashtar Command ships will soon make the presence of ascended beings known.
The Ashtar Command is comprised of Angelic Messengers, Ascended Masters, the White Brotherhood, and extra-galactic beings. There are other extraterrestrial beings here not associated with this group, but they are presently being removed.

There are cellular changes taking place presently that will allow our vibrational frequencies to become much less dense. Our pineal and pituitary glands are expanding as energies are being transmitted by higher intelligences via sound and color, otherwise known as the "Sacred Languages of Light". During this process of encodement, we are receiving our dimensional Lightbodies.

As we ascend, we will re-connect with our Higher Selves and realize the expanded self. We will be re-united with our Soul Families and our Twin Flames.(see my page Soul Mate Connection). It is important we begin recognizing the signals or messages from the beings that are here assisting in the ascension process. The negative forces can easily be recognized by their creations of confusion, division, and fear.

The starseeds are being called to specific grid points based on harmonious wave frequency generation. When called, they are to move as quickly as possible. There are "safe places" already in existence. During the ensuing catastrophic chaos, the starseeds and lightworkers will be moved or teleported to their specific locations for safety.

All is in Divine Order. The ascension process has begun. The Light of the World has come. The people shall return to the Light.

Text by Sue Ellen Malone, D.Sc. This is the best short synthesis ever written about the completion of the plan issued by the advanced civilizations of the universe to help this planet. It is part of a manuscript given to me by a fellow soul-mate officer back in 1991 in Houston. Contact was lost with that group of Starfleet ground personnel. Message to anyone in touch with Sue Ellen or Lynn: please report to Cptn.Lyur, I plan to publish most of it.