Yes there is a real Starfleet, we are talking about millions of Starships, in this solar system alone and around your planet. We are talking about Motherships 100 miles long, and these are those close in orbit around the Earth. Some of our cruisers are so big that they have to remain stationed beyond the orbit of Pluto, they cannot enter inside this system!

Photo from a digital video taken by NASA probe SOHO in may 1998, released by the Naval Research Observatory. These photos have rapidly dispeared from the research material from NASA, could be found only on the Net. The scientists estimated the size of the object to 144 000 km from one "aisle" to the other, or 35 times the size of the Earth (the very Earth the ship could load inside its decks !)

You will discover on this site space stations like Deep Space Nine, that we have built inside this star system, even before we helped your ancient civilizations to built pyramids. We had to rearrange the orbits of some planets since you and some of your cousins from the Pleiades destroyed the mighty Mallona (Maldek) 100 000 years ago. She was orbiting between Mars and Jupiter.

"spirit" of planet Mallona


The blast almost damaged completely the beautiful Mars, transforming it into an arid desert. The Red Nations colonists there had to migrate to Earth and become keepers for her. To keep Mars in orbit, we had to construct two artificial moons around it. Our galactic base on Mars was transfered underground, with our central of communications, the "Station KOR" directed by Commander Korton.


Cdr. Korton


Photo NASA taken on planet Mars, sent the first day of the shots by the "Martian Robot" in march 1997, and showing domes indicating an underground base. Immediately after that "mistake" the pictures given to the medias were "corrected". Notice the same projected shadow by the dome on the right, the poor quality of that quick work done in a hurry, and the photo bellow made "blurry" to try to hiden the erasement. These guys are bad users of Photoshop !! This is not new to NASA. We have to remember the photos of the moon missions showing UFOs, motherships stationned on the ground of a size of one mile long, and also domes. See the book "We discovered alien bases on the Moon" by Fred Steckling. These photos are at NASA headquarters, well buried under millions of documents. To find them, Fred had to spent thousands and thousands of hours in there. Why to hide all of this ? Because some hard-borne Earthlings do not want the masses being aware of the presence of benevolents Ets and Starfleet, which would help us rapidly to solve all our problems on Earth by ourselves. What, the Earth becoming part of the Confederation without anymore economic monetary system to play the yankee merchant Monopoly game ?

Actual "official" NASA photo = no more domes, folks !

We had to change the axis of your planet, bringing from deep space a natural moon, and arranged a delicate space ecosystem with the seasons that you know, so that life would continue on your world. A decree was issued in our Galactic Councils that you would not be permitted to blow up another planet, so you are watched by the entire local universe !

We have monitored your planet for so long that we know each of you, throughout your long and painful chain of successive lifetimes. Each of you has a record on our computers; everything that you have experienced since you arrived in this quadrant. Some day soon you will have access in our ships to a private holographic video cabin to review your past, but you will rapidely find it not so fun after all…

So welcome back! You have been helped to "invent" these technologies and we are very glad at least to talk again with each of you!

(in the spring of 1999 news broke on CNN with the head of one of the Silicone Valley companies, saying that he has made enough money, and that from this moment on, he will use it to reveal that all the computer industry was "invented" by "copying" the micro-ships and technologies found in the various crashed UFO space ships from the fifties !)


And a special warm welcome to many of you who belong to our fleet, you will only start to remember it now, but you have been with us before, and volunteered to go down on Earth as away teams, widely spread all over the land, with no contact with each other or with your Starship. There were reasons for that, but now the "Mission Planet Earth" is almost completed, and time is now to gather our crews again. Rejoice! Your Starship is waiting for you, and you will be reunited with your teammates at your own good time. You will do that with your own will. The ships will come to you by themselves when you are ready. And you don't need to die in any way to board them. No, you will take your current body with you.

This is part of the plan unfolding now for this whole planet and this local quadrant. No one and no group on Earth have the power to stop it!

Your planet is about to enter into the Confederation of Free Worlds, which comprises of many civilizations, planets and star systems in this galaxy and adjacent galaxies. This local universe is reaching its final destination in a new area of space, and you all are needed to explore it and build new colonies.

So be prepare soon to find your Starfleet uniform waiting for you! Too good to be true? Sounds like Star Trek? Of course, don't you think that we have successfully influenced the stories and characters in your favorite shows, and infused in it many ideas and concepts that really exists in our Federation?

We even have saved the actor William Shatner (Captain Kirk), from a motorcycled accident in the Mohave desert at the time of the shooting of the first Star Trek episodes…(a TV program was made out of this)

William Shatner was of major importance in the developpment of the ideas and concepts conveyed by Star Trek. He has even created New Age teachings videos for children. And documentaries on UFOs….

And remember that all the Star Trek universe was litterally imposed on the movie and TV industry (who found the concepts "too much advanced") by the fans and supported only by them.