Free membership

You can have free membership on my site activities, except with the Star Mate Connection TM.
All you have to do is to email me your Earth name, postal address, and your galactic name. You can have a title, if you feel it right in your heart and soul, something that you know you have the perfect abilities for. Remember one galactic law: "what you think, what you become"
So if you mention yourself as a pilot, navigator, science officer, communications officer etc. you will be registered with it - and you already are in the computers of the Fleet ! -.
You will receive some special news given only to motivated Starfleet personnel. Do we really want to have in our ranks, Earthlings tourists, foragers and zappers that spend their time with only pick-and-save on the Net without never involving themselves on a mission ?

You will get, if you mention it both ways, connections with other Starfleet personnel in your area for the purpose or making local Starfleet benevolent groups. So please mention if you want to be part of such a group, or help to start one. Give permission so that your email address could be given to other crew members.

I also need at this time facilitators to organize local events, lectures, slide-shows or workshops, and even a Starfleet reunion in some large country like USA. So staff members welcome, please make yourself known. I travel around the planet when needed.

You can get a Membership Plastic Card, granted that you send me the basic cost for it and for the mailing to you, let's say U.S. $ 8.00. A local currency bill in an envelope is OK. Wrap it on carbon paper. Your regular check is OK too save that it should be written in US $.
The Membership Card will be permanent over the years. You can wear it in Star Trek conventions, UFO conferences, or New Age events, to maybe meet others. If you send me an I.D. photo, I will include it on the card. Star Trek uniform OK on the picture!
Finally bring the Card back with you when you will be beamed up in our Starships just for the fun of it, at the final moment of the gathering of all ground Starfleet personnel!
Final request from Captain Lyur: this is a full time job, I have no income of any kind, nor sponsors. I need to rent me a home, and all that goes with it.
I lost everything in my country because of a new inquisition against free Press, spiritual groups, and UFO contactees. So donation and sponsors (and connections with sponsors) are heartly welcome.

So from the bottom of my heart I thank you all, Star brothers and sisters, for anything you will do to help me for this operation and finish my mission on Earth.

(To the order of
Jean Michel Surmely
P. O. Box 71
Mt Ida, AR 71957

Bless you in the Light of the Radiant One,
See you soon in some meetings, or aboard the Starships!
Commander Lyur

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