The Mystery Question
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For 30 years, I have been teaching what you are discovering on this site. I have met thousand of people. And during all that time, nobody, nobody ever asked THE question.

Find that never-asked question and I will offer you a free Golden Starquest TM Reading. Just email me what you think the question is, with your postal mailing address (the winner will receive the reading by post). If you have already got my readings, I will send you some very nice gifts from the Stars.

The related subject is currently somewhere on the site.
I always thought the question would pop-up automatically in the brilliant intelligent mind of all these Star People, but no. Never happened. This is just an intelligent question, that sentient beings upon a planet should ask.

I now hope that Trekkers/Trekies visitors here will find it, they are most accustomed to forage into the space matter of the 90% of our brains that we never use down here.

I give you some clues. The question has something to do with the beginning and the end of the "Mission Planet Earth". It is a kind of double question, like a question to find at the beginning of a labyrinth, and the mirrored question at the end, which means the same.

Let's see if some intelligent crewmember or officer will find it this time! If your question is not the one, but very intelligent anyway, I will be more than happy to post it or to publish it with the answer in the newsletter of the Star Mate Connection. Please mention always your authorization for this. (Email address to be mentioned)

The question does not concern specifically the soul mate stuff, but applies to all Star People concepts. Good luck, all you Starfleet personnel!



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