The Star Mate Connection TM

I have been specifically asked by my contacts aboard the Starships, not only to gather crew members from the away teams of several Starships, but to gather soul families as well. See the page "Am I a Star People?"


Soul families belong to a same original cluster of souls, that has stepped down, throughout the dimensions, landing in the case of Star People, on some planets in the 5th dimension, or deep space stations, and again gathering somehow within Starfleet. I will explain the whole procedures in the newsletter of the Star Mate Connection.

Since the genesis duplication of soul clusters follows a sacred geometry ratio of 12, everything goes by that number. In short let me take the last figure of the steeping-down procedures, just before being incarnated here on Earth. Forget the time-lines and time/space continuum details in this short resume, these concepts will be discussed later in other sections. The last duplication of the last cluster of your soul family was somehow in synchronicity with the away team operations. To make it simple, when the teams separated, half of your soul family last cluster remained on board (or deep space station, or base on a planet) while the other half came down to become Earth babies. That last cluster was comprised of 12 pairs of soul mates, each pair being a man and a woman. Usually, on each pair, one is coming down, the other one remain "above" to watch as a guardian. That makes 12 remaining on board and 12 coming down on Earth.

Because you are intelligent Star People and brilliant minded Trekkers, you will have already calculated that if you are a man, you have on the ground of the planet today 5 soul mates men, and 6 soul mates women. Follow me? If you are a women, you have around some place 5 soul mates women, and 6 soul mates men. Remember they have all been scattered on the planet, on different countries, in order to "contaminate" positively the local population, to be anchors, beacons, whatever you call that.

Now time is to gather the crews again, because the global contact is closing, end of all cycles etc...
A little point: on top of that, you remember that your soul cluster landed at the last point of entry before Earth, having separated from the larger cluster above in the ratio of 12. Which means that in the 5th dimension, your cluster of 12 souls had around 11 others clusters of souls. Let's call them your "cousin" souls. The "cousin" souls have also been through the same procedures of the away teams.

Therefore you also have "cousin" soul mates all over the place. OK the one calculating now how much male and female "cousins souls" are around here will win.......uh.....A soul mate! I am joking...

You see the picture? And there are all located, of course, as a general rule, in other cities, other states and other countries....
Now in short again, let's honor the ladies. You are a woman, you have around this planet 5 women that are very much like you, perfect teammates, and you have 6 men, that if you meet any of them in the big hall of an international Airport, just by chance, you would fall in love immediately, the both of you. To just a little lesser degree, the "cousins" souls would be quite also good team mates and good lovers. It would not be as perfect as the first figure, but at any rate wonderfully above anything Earthlings dreams of about relationships. Still top of the world, according to the local humanity standards.

I could see large smiles around already, you have got the picture! Remember 2 to 3 millions of them if you were born before 1975. After 1975, we are talking of 150 millions Star People! A lot, but still difficult to meet in the flesh, so to speak.

Now please I beg you, I am on my knees, this is enough complicated for me to manage, do not bring please, the issue of homosexuality in the picture. There is total free will in the universe. If you want to merge with a soul mate or a cousin soul, whatever here on the ground, or after the ascension as two women because you don't need the men anymore, they all are in the garbage cargo already,or as two men because the women never understood you, well up to you folks! You take care of that by yourself, please, I don't want to know, give me that rest. You want to build new planets with only women on them fine, fine. Yes, with my buddy Virgil Armstrong, we heard that statement from "starseed women" with our very ears, and we have good damn wolves pointed ears ! Well, free will. But I have not been asked to take care of that, I am not in this personally, I would like to help you by giving you the name of an expert or person in charge in Starfleet about that matter, but I just do not know any. Starfleet simply does not mention usually that issue.

Just say that you are looking for teammates, and you manage the rest by yourself. Just be true to them. Officially there will be no "Star men seeking Star men" or "Star woman seeking Star woman" on this soul mate connection. There are plenty of other sites doing that. Sorry about this, I am not qualified to help in that matter.

This is already precise work to match a star mate pair of a man and a woman, It would be easier to invent warp drive, actually; I have personal experience in the matter. But it is very possible to succeed, if all the elements are present, and I NOW know how to do it.


You have understood why you have failed up to this day; it was just not the right persons. A Star Person could rarely match with an Earthling or even Children of Light (old souls from the Earth). But other Star People like you are around the planet. And thanks to the Web today, it is possible to find each other. You just have to find the right place to look for them. And I really hope that this place here, will be the right place for you. On regular Earthlings matching sites, it is like looking for a needle in a pile of whey. You will still be on it by the year 3000, see ?

And there will be no year 3000 on THIS here time track.

How it is going to work?

This is a lot of work and time consuming, so I have to charge for the membership in the Star Mate Connection. There will be a newsletter with datas from Starfleet about soul mates, ideas, new concepts, counseling, letters, sharings, questions and answers. You will receive a Star Quiz with many points specific to Star People, that will serve to match you.
If you are on the "soul mates from the stars quest", please pick your galactic name carefully. It will carry your proper vibration, and may be of good use to find your mates. We are talking here about teammates for projects and work together, and about mates for love. A real soul mate couple from the Stars is not limited to this space time continuum, so you may start a totally new one, and I am talking here of a completely new life, new experience for eons for the both of you, and about futures mission together in the new universe. This is HUGE stuff...

To apply, I ask that you send me:
- Earthly I.D. and galactic I.D. (name, any info that you already have)
- Postal address. The newsletter will be sent by mail, to avoid interferences and monitering on the Web, protect privacy and avoid stagglers and space pirates. The Star Mate Connection will be the Home of Star People mates from Starfleet.
- Authorization to mention your email address to other soul mates.
- The core of this operation is "looking for love soul mate partners", but teams may apply. In the later case mention it clearly.
- Membership fee of US $ 25.00 for 3 months, date to date that you will renew as you see fit. But to start it will stand till you get at least 10 people to connect with, so if we start with very few members, I will extend the membership till we get enough people. You will be noticed that it is time to do so. A regular check from your country, written in US $ to the order of Jean Michel is OK.

- Photo is a plus, full size, for it contains your whole frequency("bubble beings", be true please) handwriting also contain your star frequency.
- Birth date is not mandatory, but age is.
- A profile that could be read by other soul mates, without address, mail or email, just your galactic name and your location, city, country. Please have the profile printed. Please be honest and specific, including for physical or sexual data's.
Remember no time anymore to go 'round the bushes'. Go straight.
- Soul mates experiences that you think of importance to be printed in the newsletter (non-mandatory). Questions welcome also.
Send all of the above to:

Jean Michel Surmely
P. O. Box 71
Mt Ida, AR 71957

You will receive receipt of your membership in the Star Mate Connection, a Star Quiz to fill out, and as soon as they come in, profiles from selected soul mates. Then you will ask me by email which connections you want to be made, and I will notice the individuals.
This is a totally new operation that Starfleet has asked me to start, let's all cooperate together, I am sure that it will go easy and smooth, since we will be all Star People, in unity of heart and mind, operating all with unconditional love.
I strongly suggest that you apply for my galactic readings Golden Starquest, that will be a terrific asset to find your soul mates. I will match the readings, for both similar frequencies, and complementarities.

A last word, we need to connect as much crew members as possible, so please promote my site in any way you can think of. All initiatives are apreciated.

Welcome to you all in that wonderful new adventure! I am very excited by it and I'm sure you are, too !

In the highest unconditional golden love that never fails,

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