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This is a free site for you Earth and Galactic travellers to enjoy. But since I am a free independant Journalist, a species on the verge of extinction like my totem animal the Wolf, I would call the Great Spirit within you to help support my work with donations (any amount is welcome) I have no sponsors nor pay, and like brother Wolf I have been hunted for my spirit of freedom by White-Eye hard-borne yankees and church fanatics across the great waters. They destroyed my home, my family, my love and my tribe. I am now a lone wolf on survival on Turtle Island, looking to built a new pack and new tribe. I am still dangerous and my cry and voice should be heard. So Tunkashila bless you brothers and sisters for your help and support. Please come back, my site will be updated regularly with news, channellings, reports of events, reviews of Native American Music and much stuff from the Stars to haul upon !

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The Star Nations (article)

Pictures of Star Beings

Galactic readings by Wolfheart(Cdr.Lyur)

Wolfheart Totem Sacred Sounds

The Star Tribes

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