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The Star Tribes

We now are in 2000 (even more since the Christian calendar was manipulated and is short of seven years at least) and the Plan of the Star Nations, the Cosmic Hierarchy and the Ashtar Command (all = One) is very well under way. The Star People have been disseminated all over the planet in the 19th century and have served as beacons and step-down transformers to anchor the highest Light and awaken Earthlings to reach the critical mass. Now that part is done, our ships have stopped to relieve the pressure in the faults lines, transition in full speed, and it is time to gather back the crews and the Star Families, to create new sacred points of contacts and sanctuaries.

Come on all Starseeds gather together !

As Ligthworkers and Starfleet ground personnel are encoded ( by the language of light) and the direct links in communications are established, the barrier or the blanket of the collective consiousness will be broken. This is the divine plan for reunification. More breaks there are in the limitations imposed by mass consiousness, the more light can enter the planet.

It mean also that the magnetic lines for the Star People to be guided to gather are more clear to see and to follow. Earth changes are to start very soon now. Speakers in Star Knowledge Conferences in the US like Wallace Black Elk warned that the Thunderbeings are going to enter into action to clean the Earth, and Kachora (the"Don Juan" from Castaneda books) has announced the arrival of asteroids.

 Our ships did blow-up asteroids on collision course several times in the past years, but as soon as Mother Earth will call one or more for cleansing, they will let them pass.

Now I will be a bit rough to wake you up all. We cannot continue like this here, meaning the Earthlings "civilization". The invention of the wheel was a mistake. Normal evolution is anti-gravity and free energy, like the Star Nations brought to the Ancients to built pyralmids and monolithic structures etc.. Something wrong some place (and much more). We are in 2000 and we are still using the very same stupid machine our ancestors were using at the begining of the 19th century, almost one hundred years ago. The very same 4 wheels, same engine, same steering wheel, same polluting carburant, same deadly vehicle killing animals by millions, humans by the hundreds of thousand, countless losses of young lives every week-end and mutilated children and people. We have to stop that insanity, immediately. We cannot go for a "global free economy" which destroys everything of life , composed by a few in command and control and by an overpopulation of brain-washed slaves consumers and workers and bio-robots children weakeaned by free of charge unknown substances in vaccines and food, and why not an implanted chip soon, free to all… They say we will go in space to avoid overpopulation, to do the very same up there ? No way, José, got news for you folks, Starfleet and the Confederation of Free Worlds will NOT give permission and access to other planets. NO, do you copy ?


Now since these here humans do nothing to save and protect this planet but only empty words, Mother Earth is going to take charge by herself. Remember the lemmings that rush into the sea when they have overpopulation ? Now we have many dolphins dying, eated alive from inside by huge worms looking like aliens. Mother earth will stop that insanity, you better believe and very soon. So "Earth changes" will start with storms, floodings, quakes and so on…You know what happen when this fragile artificial non-spiritual society have just little breaks in it ? Short examples , both about 10/15 years ago (would be worse today) : in Toulouse, France, a super market on a week-end, hundred of people crowded at the cashiers with full loaded caddies. One guy got mad to wait, and just rushed into one cashier alley, forcing it and went out of the store. Another did the same at once, then another, and the WHOLE pack of customers all forced the cashiers and ran to their cars. Just like that. Now, downtown Montreal, very clean, safe city. One week-end strike of all police forces. The high-class society inhabiting downtown, went out and sacked all the stores, just like that. Do you know the only answer in all countries when things start to fall apart, in case of Earh changes, break-down of the distribution of goods, etc…: martial law. I think some folks know, because not only Southern States in the US plan to seceed again, but the question also arose in the Congress of the State of Arizona, a motion to seceede in case of martial law.

Now let's look to a wonderful evolution of these here Earthlings, the atomic energy., talking only on the production of energy, not bombs. In France, not told to the citizens, there is the scheme in case of bad accident in a nuclear plant : an area of 50 miles around will be locked by the army and police, all injured inhabitants inside the zone will stay in it with nobody nor rescue from outside the zone allowed in, and.. martial law…

Where are the nuclear plants located ? Near crossing of several rivers, because the need to wash and cool the damn thing. Where rivers do flow ? Water naturally follows breeches in the crust, that is… fault lines. What is a crossing of fault lines ? Two things : first extremely instable area subject to Earthquakes. Second, crossing of lay lines of energy, the meridians of Mother Earth, power spots, wortices. More about the first point : scientists in Russia, nobody listening to them in Russia or anywhere else, brought the proof (they were involved to study the accident), that the Tchernobyl explosion was caused by …an Earthquake. They eventually revealed that the official version of 10% of the radiation going out, and 90% remaining under the cement lock, was a cover-up, this is exactly the opposite figure, 90% of the damn thing went into the atmosphere, all over Europe irradiating plants and vegetation from Scandinavia to the Alps. In the Southern Alps, radio activity concentrate especially into aromathic herbs used for cooking, pills and perfumes.

To finish with this wonder of this civilization, I cannot resist sharing the revelations from Captain Bruce Cathie (New Zealand Air force, in contact with Ets), that you can only blow a bomb or have an atomic explosion, at the crossing of the energy lines, or grid. And such power spots, by the way could be used to produce free electricity with Tesla machines. Read all books by Bruce Cathie about the "Harmonics" etc…This is how they broke the space-time continuum in New Mexico, because these points are fragile and sacred, of course. Besides then, the whole "cold war" was unreal, just to put fear into the masses, because you can only blow a missile on those points. And the nuclear plants in there can explose also, without any problem…


I could go on and go on, but just open your eyes by yourself all over the place. I could also mention the colapsing of family and couples (more than 50% in the USA). So maybe time folks to start new families, new couples and new tribes, in a safe environment ?…

I have to raise also a question about the overweight problem in the USA (soon 70% of the population, and the women are more affected). That includes the New Age population, suposedly healthy conscious about real body needs and care. I have search all answers, could find none. In Europe we have the same society, same industrial food, same pollution, women use the pill the same way, and do not double or triple, or quadruple or, or,.. their size. I am not saying that nothing could be done about, the true is yes, it is very possible to conteract this, by oneself. (just have a look on my French site about US Fitness Women). What I am looking for is the answer why. So please bright minded people, search also as I do. There is one track left, because to me tab water there taste like hell, especially the coffee in restaurants (remember our French Jean Reno in the movie Godzilla : "And they call that coffee?!") Well if you plan to weaken a population in spirit and energy to react, to make it more easy to control, it seems that a very easy way is to use the big reservoirs and dam lakes, and put something in them, all that water will end in the… tab of every kitchen, free delivery. After all isn't was a try to put something in the air over the Dineh reservations spread by copters?

Now you get tired of the content of my discourse, which was written with the only purpose to tell you :

Let's stop all that insanity right now, let's gather together,

in new places, and built new tribes of the Star family !

It is simple, we all strugle to survive on our own spot, paying the same facilities, buying the same equipment, driving the same damn vehicle all by ourselves etc.. Never been on the freeways between Santa Monica and Pomona ? I did, large people alone in large cars, driving 3, 4 hours, never mind, stopping only to pick-up fat food and large coke from their seats like the racers of the "Tour de France" taking their meals on the run. It is unlikely that our people in Starfleet will land to meet such society, they would be attracted to some other place. So why not gather our resources and start something new ?

Besides, with the Earth changes, Starfleet operations and help will be to land large (yes very) special ships on sacred grounds that will anchor themselves deep in the ground, that way becoming "buildings", not breaking the prime directive. These are called the sanctuaries ships, to which Starseeds and Children of Light will be guided.

These sacred grounds are away from cities and civilization, of course, and they will be made sacred by the people who will built these new Star Tribes on them. So anyone willing to join in the coming together of the Buffalo Nation new Tribes (mix of red, white, yelow, black races + extraterrestrials) please make yourself known, and just give an idea of the place you feel called to. I will regroup these infos and will put you in touch with each other.

Speaking of Turtle Island (North America), God's humor is in full plan - like always in Starfleet - and the first safe places during Earth changes would be… the "rez", the Indian reservations ! The "yankee system" gave the Indians the more isolated and "no value" lands, away from civilization. The Native kept these lands sacred anyway, and therefore are spots for landings of positive Ets. Where could you land large "sanctuaries" ships without breaking the law of non-interference ? Every piece of land belongs to a structured country, the very same that would apply martial law on it, except the "rez" that belong to the Native Americans. On top ot it Natives have DNA similar to ET's, and the circle is completed !

I want to start my tribe too, a "Wolf tribe" with a Starfleet pole flag, so Star People around, you are welcome to join me. That will be some place on Turtle Island, Spirit will tell. If you know of any tribes already started, let me know too to pass the word. All these will be sanctuaries and new "Academies of Light" during the transition. If you want to start a tribe in your country, same way make yourself known.

Jean Michel (Lyur)

P. O. Box 71

Mt Ida, AR 71957


Email :

You all will be guided along the magnetic lines of the grids of our Star family and monitored by the Fleet.

"As the starseeds awaken, their energy transmissions form a network or grid of divine energy. There are three grids that overlap causing time to fold, thus creating time warp zones at specific vortex points. The encoding parameters allow those who have reached the tenth level of Lightbody to traverse the grids of teleportation, manifestation and communication." Sue Ellen Malone.

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