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Wolfheart Totem Sacred Sounds

I am making available a great sound tool to contact your totem animal(s) and use that energy for expansion of consciousness, re-awakening of psychic abilities and star memories, inter-dimensional projection, though-transfer and communication, healing and much more. Since ages on Turtle Island (North America) Indian shamans have always used vocal toning and repetitive sound vibration with instruments created from nature in sacred ceremonies to adjust any imbalance of the body/mind/spirit. You can do it now alone in your own space with the totem bowls.

The Hopi prophecy is being fulfilled now with the "Coming of the Rainbow People" through the keepers of the crystal bowls.

Since animals on other planets talk by telepathy with humans and that our transition into the 5h dimension is bringing the very same reality, why not to start to contact now your animal guides which Mother Earth has always made present at your side.

This page is just starting so there will be much more updates and new infos so come back often.

Each sacred totem animal bowl carries the frequency of a given animal spirit. I suggest that you start to search who your animal spirits are, if not already done.

The first I will mention, of course, is the Wolf Bowl

The Wolf Bowl is great to contact and establish communication with the guardians of this local universe, the Star Brothers and Sisters. That's the bowl of love, loyalty, trust, intimacy, functional relationships, forgiveness and is used to end past loves and start new ones, talking about true soul mates here..(great to call a mate to you with the Wolf haul and sound of the bowl !) If your Starseed nature has been abused by Earthlings and that you did not have around you trust, kinship and true love, brother Wolf will teach you to replace your painful, negative patterns with your inherent qualitites that will manifest a true relationship in your life, here and now. You do not have to wait for your twin flame - time not yet for merging into androgynous state - and this very soul expect you to live and learn relationships whatever you are. Brother Wolf will guide you also thru the energy of community, selflessness and generosity, to create, or to be guided to, new tribes, new packs, this is just the right time to do it now (communities of Starseds).

The Deer Bowl

Star People have come here on Earth with the purity, the gentleness, the sensitivity and the innocence of this animal. So the Deer Bowl will help them to recover from - shall we say - the impregnation of the local human environment, and reclaim these natural qualities. Starseeds already have a high spiritual energy and psychic abilities, and rather than rocketing the kundalini up, what they need more is grounding into Mother Earth. The Deer energy will provide that,as well as reconnection with all hidden abilities, rooted deep down. Open the portals of the Earth and the Star under, and you will have access to all universes.

I will present more totem animal bowls in updates of this page, but for the moment, besides Wolf and Deer, the following totem sacred sounds bowls are also available on request :

Raven, Raccoon, Dolphin, Butterfly, White Buffalo, Snake, Horse, Skunk, Tiger, Red Hawk, Rabbit, Salmon, Sturgeon, Snow Goose, Ant, Elk, Cougar, Otter, Turtle, Beaver, Bear, Frog, Lion, Panther, Hummingbird, Owl, Firefly, Coyote, Fox, Buffalo, Whale, Mouse, Eagle, Moose, Spider, Squirrel.

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