The Star Nations

You probably have noticed by yourself that Native Americans are a very special race, a variety of Nations with the same blood, that seems well coming from the Stars. Many of them said that they have a different blood and DNA than other humans from the Earth. This is mentionned in all their legends that are tracking their origins in many star systems. The Hopis have in their Hopi Prophecy the coming soon of 3 migrations back to the stars.

Before giving you an article called The Star Nations, I would like to present you a message that was received thru "channelling", and coming from…Cochise, the great Chiricahua Apache Chief, text that was published in one of my books in French. I have met in Oklahoma the actual Chief woman of the Chiricahua band of Geronimo (she was born in jail when Geronimo was still alive), and I can definitively say that these are extraordinary people, seeming not to belong here, like the "Star People" (for the meaning of "Star People", see the page "Star People")

  Art from Jim Yellowhawk

COCHISE, one of the most respected Native American Chiefs

Message from Cochise, thru Lyara, channel, Arizona :

"I am Cochise. I have waiting for a long time to come back to serve the Earth.

Now, I can bring my essence again to this planet, at this time of hard days that are ahead for you. I love my People, as I love all God beings who love and respect the Earth, speak and live the truth. In order to be honest with yourself, you must be honest with others.

I have waited for long. The ascension is at hand for all. I speak the language of the Great Spirit. Know that you are never alone. Many are being sent to you to comfort you and to guide you on your path. From this day on, I will guide the communications of all people who want to be connected with me. Great preparations are being made in this solar system and beyond.

I am working now with the Intergalactic Fleet as well as aboard the mothership "Dove" (headquarter of Sananda). I am known up there under the name CENTO, and I do have many responsibilities. I will project a part of myself to all of you who follow the Red Road, and will help you to finish your work on Earth till the very end.

Tell my People not to judge the white man by its skin, but by his heartbeat. The one walking with the frequency and the love of Mother Earth and the Great Spirit is an "indian". The one not doing this has not found his family.

Bring all things back to the Great Spirit. Who has ears will hear. Who has heart will follow.

We will be soon together again. We are One.


Article by Jean Michel/Cdr.Lyur,

Painting by Brigitte M. Botnick

"Wolfheart Two Dolphins" (name given to me by a Choctaw Lodge during my vision quest in OK)

The Star Nations

It all started in August 1994 with the birth of a female white buffalo calf in Wisconsin. Named "Miracle", this white female was the first to be born for generations. As soon as he got the news, Floyd Hand, a Lakota Medicine Man (speaker with many others and myself in the Star Knowledge Conferences), wrote in the US magazine "Spin" : "For us the Indians, it is like the return of the Christ for the white people.

"Miracle" by Gary Gandy. Go visit Miracle


The Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Nation (Sioux) had received centuries ago the Sacred Peace Pipe (Chenupa) from a spiritual female being called White Buffalo Calf Woman along with the highest spiritual teachings.


Art just above is from Brigitte M. Botnick

Prophecies were being given to the native nations about the coming of the Buffalo Nation which first would be the merging of the Red race in unity and harmony with the White, Black and Yellow race. The Buffalo Nation would also mean the coming of the Star Nations (civilizations from the Stars), sometimes referred to the Pleiades, but on a broader scale to all Nations in this galaxy and adjacent galaxies. One of the prophecies says that these times will be announced by the birth of a female white buffalo calf, which will change color to yellow, red and black. This is exactly what happened to Miracle. Then to pinpoint the prophecies, a few other white buffalo female calves started to be born, even on Indian reservations.

Arvol Looking Horse, the 19th-Generation Keeper of the Sacred White Buffalo Calf Pipe for the Lakota-Dakota-Nakota Nation, seeing that the prophecies from many Native Nations were fulfilling, called for a World Peace and Prayer Day on June 21, 1996. Spirituals leaders and Elders, other Sacred Bundle Keepers and many others gathered at Grey Horn Butte (the Devil's Tower of the movie 'Close Encounters'). This was also a joint effort of Native Elders and spiritual 'New Age' white people(in North America, the New Age is considered as a part of society, more than 70% of Americans have touched to it and accept its existence. This is quite different in France and in a few other European countries, where the New Age is a "movment of heretics" that "should be eliminated" (report from the French Senat).

I woud like to put a page of history here, or better say correct the official history. The fanatical religious mainstream that we see now in France is not new. Please remember that the dominant church decided that the Indians were savages and could be killed without that being a sin. "A good Indian is a dead Indian" was the device of almost all Generals from the North, not only General Sheridan. It may seems "normal" for an American, but for an European eye, it is quite "illogical, Captain", to see the Yankees claiming they wanted to free the Black people (to put them in ghettos thereafter! Do they tell you in school that durring the so-called war to free the the black people - the Civil War - ,they were paying their white soldiers 13 $ a month and their black Union soldiers only 7 $) and at the same time saying that the Red people were not human beings and could be killed right away…I suspect they did not care and were looking for something else by overcoming the South. For your information, General Lee wanted to free the slaves, he said it, this is an history fact, but after providing education and skills to them, in order to avoid the ghetto situation. Would the army of Northern Virginia win the war, the future would have been very different, because its chief had good chances to become President, like the winning Grant did. It is also my belief that the Confederate spirit promoted by Robert E. Lee would not have agreed to make a deal with negative Aliens like the Yankees leaders did in the 1940's, trading weapons and technology against the bodies and souls of their citizens. At least the Southern land would maybe free of "zeti aliens" bases today. This I say, and I will say it again as a speaker at the Atlanta Star Knowledge Conference in July 2000.

South of the Mason-Dixon line, the Confederacy was more open to Indians, even allied with Indian Nations. The very last Confederate General to surrender was Cherokee Chief Stand Watie on June 23, 1865, more than two months after Lee surrendered in Appomatox. Stand Watie wanted to be a witness of the two assasinated nations. The Southern Confederacy had plans for the creation of an Indian Confederacy that may have permitted to keep alive the culture and traditions of the remaining Indian Nations.

I am a free journalist, and as such I have to tell you not to believe word for word the official history, so far. You should better see by yourself, on the records from all sides, and make your own mind. Well this is my full right in this article and on my web sites to give my opinion, that is freedom of speech and of Press for a writer and reporter. The cause, this object of the American Civil War was not slavery, this was introduced later, as a pretext to continue, in the middle of the war. (very similar to the French Civil War in the 13th century, were the North took the pretext of "heresy" of the people of the South to destroy its civilization and conquer it by force). I do see no differences in the "treatment" by the yankee nation of the people from the South (General Robert E.Lee was only given back its citizenship in…1975, by the first Southern president since the Civil War), and the Indian nation was only given back its rights to pratice their own beliefs in 1979. For over one hundred years, most of the 20st century, it seems to me that the only right you could have in the mighty America - teaching the world how to be free ! - was to be "a good Yankee". And maybe this is still so today…


Confederate Brigadier General Stand Watie


Bridg. Gen. Stand Watie, the Confederate Indian Troops, and their Southern flag with the 5 stars ot the Indian nations who fought for their independance and the one from the South during the War between the States. If you like the music from that period, a great artist performing and recording at home all by himself has produced over eleven CDs among those songs from Confederate soldiers and a very evocative instrumental album "Songs of Vicksburg". Contact him with a s.a.s.e. : Bobby Horton, 3430 Sagebrook Lane, Birmingham, AL 35243. USA.

Back to the actual transition of civilizations :

Sun Bear was a pioneer to reveal indian spirituality, now the Elders started not only to bring the spiritual Native ways to the world, sharing sacred ceremonies with white people who felt having a 'Red heart', but from this moment on would reveal their contacts with the Star Nations which were kept secret to this day within sweat lodges and elders councils.

The appearance of full circular rainbows around the sun above ceremonies (called 'Sun Dog' by the Natives) would be another sign that the prophecies were about to come to completion. Tunkashila was indicating that the 4th World was at the end and that the 5th World was emerging. As of today many Elders are saying that the passage between the 4th World and the 5th World of the Native Americans has occurred in the winter of 1998/99.



To walk the Chunku Luta, the Red Road, with the Wicahpi Oyate, Star Nations, is to focus one's life in Spirit. It is to live and dream and act as the stars we are upon our mother, K'unci Makea, a green jewel of the Universe."

Chunku Woksape"


In the winter of 1995, during a four day praying fast (Hambleca), Standing Elk, a Ihanktowan Dakota Spiritual Advisor and Sundance Chief, was asking directions through a Star Alert, the Elk way of the Canupa Wakan, the sacred pipe. A being from the Stars appeared to him, Showing glaciating symbols that later were to be proven as findings in some crashed starcraft in New Mexico. A kind of thelepathic communication started with these beings. Later on during Inipi ceremonies (sweat lodge), a being named Ista Wanzi (One Eye) came in to teach 11 universal and 11 spiritual Laws of the Creator. The teachings were named Maka Wicahpi Wicohan. Standing Elk was also asked to bring spiritual interpretations of galactic symbols. He was instructed in a vision to organize the first Star Knowledge Conference in the Yankton Sioux Reservation in South Dakota in June 1996. The vision showed that Native American spiritual knowledge about the Star Nations (extraterrestrials) was to be shared with the world. This first Conference also fulfilled ancient Hopi and Lakota prophecies. During that conference and the following Star Knowledge Conferences organized by Standing Elk in Nov 1996 in Colorado, in march 1997 in southern California, in may 1998 in New Mexico, in november 98 in Arizona, in march 99 in Colorado etc.., spiritual shamans and Elders from the Plains Tribes revealed their knowledge about the Star Nations (extraterrestrials. I am also a speaker in those conferences on that subject)


They were from these tribes:

Plains tribes: Lakota,Oglala,Dakota,Blackfoot,Nakota,Miniconjou.
Eastern tribes: Iroquois, Obeida, Seneca, Choctaw, and Cherokee.
Southwest tribes: Hopi, Yuck, Aztec, Apache, and Mayan.
Even a Maori Shaman Chief came from New Zealand and a Sammi (Laplander) came from Scandinavia because they had seen signs from ancient prophecies telling them that time had come to share their origin from the stars, the influence of Star Beings visitors on their culture, spiritual beliefs and ceremonies and the imminent return of these Star Nations. These are a few of the numerous speakers :

Standing Elk, Lakota Keeper of the Six-Pointed Star Altar: "The Lakota/Dakota Medicine Men are now being instructed to share the spiritual knowledge of the Star Nations because of the contamination of Mother Earth and the pollution of the air." Standing Elk had physical encounters with Star beings, one of them being a seven-foot-tall man in white clothes in a room filled with light and computer which operated on light and "the law of thought" Standing Elk also said that Jesus was a Star Man.

Special note from Wolfheart: it is little known but all tribes from Turtle Island, the North American continent, have kept secret records of the visit during the 1st century of a white man they called Wakea who came with planet Venus, who taught them how to pray and to conduct ceremonies, that man was walking on water, talking to elements,healing the sick and the dead, he choose 12 followers from various tribes and visited all the Red Nations of the Americas including Pacific Islands, saying that he will be back some day. Ancient hebrew symbols and writings were found in old tombs of Indian Chiefs. When white men came again with a cross on high, telling the Indians that they did not know how to pray, did not know the Christ, and were savages, they were a bit late and this time it was not the same story of love and brotherhood...


Standing Elk said also that the Star beings are here to teach, to foster spiritual growth and to prepare us for the oncoming Earth Changes. The Star beings are included in the sacred Native words: "Mitakuye oyasin' (All my relations.) The extraterrestrials are communicating telepathically with Indians.The original Spiritual Language of the Sioux is designed to stimulate telepathic communication. The same Star beings that visit the Sioux also visit the Hopis.The Star beings and the Indians have the same DNA. The few ET renegades who have collaborated with the Shadow Government are busy now putting their final act together"

Looks-For-Buffalo, Oglala: the Avatars (Jesus, Buddha etc.and White Buffalo Calf Woman) are Star beings""each Native American tribe has its ET race of origination counterpart""The Star beings will return at the turn of the millenium, at the time of Earth changes""the first signs is floods, fires and earthquakes""White Buffalo Calf Woman is coming back to Turtle Island"."Each of us can bring the Star Beings in, but only with purity of heart and intention"

Paula Underwood, Iroquois: An Iroquois oral tradition told of an ET telepathic message "We are coming" The Iroquois Elders responded "Don't come, we are not prepared' The Star beings replied "Prepare yourselves."

Harry Charger, Lakota, told about many ET visitations with the Sioux during sweat lodge ceremonies. He recalled the visit of the young, beautiful,pale-white and luminous woman, White Buffalo Calf Woman to two Lakota scouts. One had lustful thoughts for her and perished. The other scout brought back her teachings to the Lakotas. Today we all have the same choice at the time of the return of the Star Nations.

 White Buffalo Calf Woman

Steve Red Buffalo, Lakota: The Sioux originated from the Seven Sisters (Pleiades) which are connected with the "chanupa", the sacred pipe.
Roy Little Sun on behalf of Grandfather Titus, Hopi, and keeper of the Prophecy Tablets: the Star Knowledge Conferences are a Medicine Wheel connected with Star alignments.

Holy Bull, Lakota Medicine Man: There are sacred ritual altars in Native Sacred sites, where knowledge from Star beings is kept and honored. These Star Nations Altars send a blue laser light to the heavens which the Star Nations see as beacons. UFOs use to fly over Bear Butte, the sacred heart of the Black Hills.

Rod Shenandoah, Blackfoot-Oneida Medicine Man: "Indians consider themselves privileged to have regular visits from Star beings during ceremonies and consider these events as 'sacred'"
Eagle Man, (Ed MaGaa), American Indian Movement activist: "extraterrestrial societies are millions of years old. Indians hope that outer space beings will come soon."
Rod Skenandore, Blackfoot and former NASA contract engineer "We are getting word of the ET's coming NOW" He has been taken aboard UFOs several times, including one during a 'hanblechia' (vision quest).
Native American 'Grandmothers' such as Megan, Scout Cloud Lee and others have recalled the prophecy of Crazy Horse about the current times being the end of the Old Age (4th World). The Grandmothers declared officially the end of the 4th World and the beginning of the 5th World (New Age) the 5th World will be marked by positive feminine energy, balanced with men as equals.

Wobleza, Dakota: He was visited during an Inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony by a large silvery spaceship from the Buffalo Nation. "Little Elders will come in the children now being born, who will suddenly talk early. The birth of the White Buffalo female calf is the sign of the return of the Buffalo nations from the Stars."

Pathfinder and Silver Star, Cherokee: The galactic symbols have a dual interpretation, as a Universal Law and as a Spiritual Law. These laws are encoded in our DNA strands. We are responsible for the vibration we are living with, so bring in the light"" The Star nations are making the crop circles and will land soon""All the self-destructive karma from Atlantis and Lemuria has been healed""The Diamondback Rattlesnake (Quetzalcoatl/Kulkulkan) says to invite him in to transmute the false DNA. Everyone can become Christ, Quezalcoatl. Be in balance with the elemental beings of earth, air, water, fire, ether, manna and vibration."

Grandmother Windrider, Mayan: Previous to this time, she was not allowed to speak to white persons of the Mayan tradition kept by the women."Extreme changes are taking place.""Karma Cleaning is over. Things are speeding up. Do not hold onto old victim attachments." The Mayans, Toltecs and Olmecs have a tradition of contacts with E.T's. ""The Gateways are starting to get into position to allow the celestial avatars in.""Your bodies are going through a good mutation to prepare you for the Millenium""In the upcoming Earth Changes, some who are not ready to make the transition to the 5th World will reincarnate elsewhere, on a planet at the more primitive evolutionary stage that Earth has been in. Some will reincarnate to clean up the debris here, and make the transition to the higher-consciousness world-society into which Earth is transitioning.
Some will be taken off by the Star Nations to voluntarily live with them.""Changes are coming, with a planetoid coming close by. Raise your consciousness to miss the wave, when it comes through.""Learn outdoors survival skills.""This society is completely sick; it is time for the women to gather together and heal each other, then they will go to heal the men"

During an after event following the Star Knowledge Conference in New Mexico in the spring of 1998, Star Nation's spirits were seen by numerous Native Elders in a ceremony room. They were glowing violet geometric-shaped forms floating at about chest height.

"Song of the Elders" by Mark Silversmith

Message from Standing Elk, founder of the Conferences Star Knowledge:

Many books that have been written and published concerning the ceremonies of the Lakota/Dakota do not scratch the surface of the spiritual belief system of the Lakota/Dakota because they are written by individuals who were just passing through or just spending a few weeks on the reservations. These Authors and journalists have very good intentions but by no means are experts or professionals on the subject of Lakota/Dakota spirituality.

The Medicine Men and Pipe Carriers have the ability to communicate with all that moved with the Spirit of Mother Earth, many entities such as the Eagle, Hawk, Owl, Horse, Elk, Deer, Wolves, Coyotes, etc…and the Star Nations, are utilized in the ceremonial of the Lakota/Dakota.

The Star Nations were the most crucial of all entities because, the thought of other races communicating with the grassroots people would create a major threat to the religious system of any government.(note from Wolfheart : the French Senat in oct 95 voted a motion that the "American New Age was against society and that inside it, the indiviuals and groups in contacts with Ets were the most dangerous of them all.") The greatest fear in the governmental structures was the knowledge that all forms of "Star Governments" had no monetary systems within their governing structures. Their system is based on the mental, spiritual and universal laws with which they were too mentally and spiritually intelligent to break.

The Lakota/Dakota Medicine Men are being instructed to share the spiritual knowledge of the Star Nations because of the contamination of Mother Earth and the pollution of the air. The destructive forces do not lie within the "evil" of industry and progress, but within the entities that chooses to utilize the progress of industrial technology.

note from Wolfheart : on august 18, 1999, the spacecraft from Erthlings called "Cassini" has come dangerously close to he Earth. That craft carries more that 72 pounds of highly radioactive Plutonium, equivalent to more than 50% of all atomic radiations sent into the atmosphere of the Earth since the beginning of atomic bombs experiments, radiations which, by the way, were cleaned up by the ships of the Intergalactic Fleet. News only transmited by free journalists. Communiques are given by a group of independant scientists and researchers, the "Millennium Group" :
The prophecies of the Lakota/Dakota have stated that you (those coming to this knowledge and sharing it to the world and the newborn children) are the foundation to the thousand years of peace. But first there must be a spiritual purification of man by fire and water. With that purification comes truth.

In closing, there are those entities that do not want peace, there are entities that do not want truth and there are those entities that do not want you to be free. The prophecies have already won."

Standing Elk

Note from Wolfheart:
it is interesting to see that at the same time the Native Americans are revealing their Knowledge and prophecies about the purification, the Vatican has finally released the 3rd secret of Fatima, which tells basically the same, including the coming of asteroids and planetoids (events corroborated by Nostradamus). The time of purification seems very near.

#32 Zigo-fire (see "Pictures of the Star Beings")
Head beings of the elemental realms who will be in charge of the Great Purification as the Native American call it, naming these beings the "Thunderbeings". The Zigo-fire beings will direct volcanoes, earthquakes, lightning, storms, spontanous fires. They already have started their work on behalf of Mother Earth and our ships have stopped to relieve the pressure underneath the crust of the Earth which they were doing since the fifties. UFOs were often seen following fault lines, and UFO non-spiritual researchers did believe they were refueling !!

Report on the Star Knowledge Conferences, Sedona, Arizona, November, 1998, and Fort Collins, Co,march 1999

The Arizona Conference was held in the beautiful Oak Creek Canyon, a sacred site area for the Native American. Standing Elk invited again many speakers as One voice to bring insights for this time a great change. Once again the Elders and Native speakers shared their knowledge about the "Brothers and Sisters from the Stars"

One of the key speakers and most respected Elders was Grandfather Martin, keeper of the Hopi Prophecy. He was chosen by the council of Hopi Elders to continue to share with the world the Earth-changing events of this millennium. Grandfather Martin said that we were all brothers and sisters in the beginning and we will all come back together in the end. He hopes that we can eliminate harsh disasters that are about to take place. We have to remember that the Hopi Prophecy tells also about 3 migrations with the Star Nations back to the Stars and that only people awakened in spirit and in the heart will make it.

Woableza, Dakota "Inyan Doctor" talked again about the changes. He has hereditary ties with Chef Sitting-Bull, Chief Bigfoot, Chief Little Crow and other well-known Chiefs. Woableza spoke about the prophecies and how they will bring positive change, the ascension process of the inhabitants of Mother Earth, and star legends from around the world. (Note: the Indians knew the Ascension long before the preachers came with their cross, among others the Anazasi nation performed collective ascensions.) He also received this message from Sitting-Bull "All people stand-up and honor Mother Earth". Turtle Island (what the Native American calls the North American continent) will be the continent of teachers for the next 1000 years.

Singing Bear, Cheyenne, has been instructed to bring Universal Alignment. "All of nature is showing signs. The world has to spiritualize together, or there won't be a world.""The world and the whole universe is shifting right now. People have to raise their harmonics and the only way is to raise spirituality through the heart chakra.""We have to attune ourselves and all of our parallel and interdimensional beings consciously.""The Space People are already here. My people, we have communicated with other beings forever, it's nothing new for us....""Once we raise our vibrations and are willing to accept them as equals, then people will start seeing more of them""We have much to teach to the universe. And the rest of the universe is waiting for us."

Rod Bear Cloud Berry, Osage. The Star Nations came to Rod when he was 6, in the way of a vision. He has been gifted with being able to see and interpret Star Nations drawings (crop circles) containing hidden spiritual messages.

Other Native American speakers were Standing Bear, Sherwyn Zephier (Champion Dancer of the Lakota/Dakota), Blue Elk Chief and Deerman (Lakota/Dakota), who are young new teachers besides being fabulous drummers and singers, Taskara (Mayan), Nestor Night Owl, Sakina Blue Star, Grandmother Windrider and many others.

To be specially mentionned is the use of traditional ceremonies, chanting and drumming performed by Standing Elk and his great team of Lakota drummers/singers using the big family sacred drum.


Standing Elk performing ceremonies

One of the most respected Elders came from Mexico: Tezlcazi Guitimea Kachora. He is spiritual leader for the Yaqui Nation from Sonora. He revealed not a long ago that he was the "Don Juan" from Carlos Castaneda books. His father and grandfather were friends and traveled with Sitting-Bull. As a child he witnessed spacecraft's entering subterranean openings in Mexico. Kachora revealed that time has come for the greatest changes on Earth and predicted the coming soon of the "Grandfathers Rocks" (asteroids and planetoids) falling upon the Earth for the time of purification.

I would end this report by mentioning my "brother" Willie Two Feathers, Apache/Aztec, with whom I have been working to help produce a video to teach the Native way of doing ceremonies to all people who want to walk the Spirit Road in a good way. This video and a video interview will be available. Excerpts from the interview with Willie Two Feathers: "The time of change is about us. A lot of people don't understand the ability of power that we have in us as individual human beings. When a fundamentalist preacher stands up on TV and sends to millions of people the words...sin, bad, terrible, die, no, the end of the earth... he's projecting it out there and all people are absorbing it, mirroring it.manifesting it and putting it back out there into the universe. This is the stuff that has to be stopped. The time of change will come.""Listen to spirit telling you the place you are supposed to be during the changes...Have faith in that... Follow your instincts... follow your heart..""In having your spiritual house in order, if you have love and Spirit inside you, when the time of change comes, and things get amplified, Love is going to be amplified...your heart is going to be amplified. The goodness in you and the road that you walk on are all going to be amplified, so the people who have their spiritual house in order have nothing to fear...""I am asking the people to use that power that's inside in a good way...."

At the Conference at Fort Collins, Co, march 1999, Grandmother Windrider brought with her sacred Peruvian "whistlers" which she call the "Voyagers". These are producing a very high pitch sound (10000 herz or above) on which you can ride back in time to make corrections on bad memories or events, including in past lives. The closing ceremony was with many participants using these sacred sound devices, with a very high energy. Grandmother was the last speaker, and spoke very directly about the fooly of humans on Earth and the necessary purification that should come "as soon as possible, or it will be too late".

Wallace Black Elk is a very well know Elder and activist in the Indian Movment, always involved in the political arena in Washington DC. Would you believe that he, also, is speaking about the Star Nations, and is even receiving messages from the Star Brothers…

Floyd Hand is a powerful speaker. He knows very well the meaning of the birth of the white buffalo female calves, because since 1968, he had visions of a woman, like Mary, but Floyd thinks it is White Buffalo Woman (you will see by visiting my sites that these are the same breed, a kind of galactic order of "cosmic virgins" working together) On march 1994, she told Flyod that she would be returning when the cherries are black (august). "Like a train on time, that's just when she pulled up. Part of White Buffalo Woman's prophecy was to divide time into seven fires or ages. She promised to return during the last fire, and bring with her a new and final chance for reason.

 art by Chief Tall Bear

"During the seventh fire, Floyd said, a new Red Nation can be formed, red being the union of red, white, black and yellow. We will be able to retrace our steps and examine what we have done wrong. We are not preserving what has been given to us to care for. We are polluting the Earth. We have become our own ennemy. During the seventh fire, the light-skinned man will be given a choice between his technologies and his nature. If he choose his nature, there is still a chance for harmony in this world. If he makes the wrong choice, he will bring on the destruction of all of us".

Videos are available from Wofheart with interviews etc… ask info to

Time has come now to share with as much people as possible the Star Knowledge, the Knowledge of the Star Beings, the Star Nations, in order to prepare for a global contact with these civilizations. This will be a quantum leap for the evolution of the Earth nations. This event will be the fulfillment of all Native American prophecies.

Wolfheart (Jean Michel/Cdr.Lyur)


To know more about the Star Nations, see also my Starfleet pages

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I know that the traditionalist "indianists", like there are called in Europe, and there are many, will jump out of their mocassins when reading all of this, but like our brother Sherwynn Zephier (Native Champion Dancer) says "No time anymore to go round the bushes, but to talk straight and go ahead". That's what I'm doing, cause there is not much time left. I will let the dogs bark and keep the loving company of my wolves.

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